When God Says Wait – 10 Prayers While You’re Waiting

Have you ever experienced a season of waiting? It's not easy, but God has a reason for your wait! GREAT post offers 10 prayers for when God says wait.

Has God ever asked you to wait?

You know what I mean, right?

You’re trucking along your merry way, and He abruptly brings you to a crashing halt.

Yeah. I’ve been there, too.

Just about three years ago, we began to sense God calling us to be foster parents. So we spent the required number of weeks in training and then waited for the phone call letting us know needy children were on their way to our home.

That call didn’t come.

Christmas came and went, and I wondered why there weren’t more stockings hanging from our mantle, as I had expected by that time.

We waited. And waited. And waited.

We waited through cancer.

We waited through job loss.

Until finally – more than a year after our training had been complete – the phone call came. And the events that followed were so clearly orchestrated by God Himself that we couldn’t doubt His supreme goodness in having us wait.

One of the sweetest lessons we learned during this time is that God is in the waiting.

He’s with us in the wait.

And He’s working in the wait.

And so for your time in God’s waiting room, I’d like to suggest ten prayers straight from the pages of God’s Word. May they refocus your mind on your Savior and propel your heart toward worship…

even as you wait.

1.)Praise God for His promise that those who wait on Him will renew their strength. Ask Him to fulfill this in your life, empowering you to run and not grow weary and to walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

2.)Tell God that you will not fear or be dismayed as you wait on Him, and that you’re trusting Him to be with you, to strengthen and help you, and to hold you in His hand on your hardest days. (Isaiah 41:10)

3.)Remind God that your soul is eagerly anticipating His work, and that your hope is in His word. (Psalm 130:5-6)

4.)Claim with the psalmist that you will see the goodness of the LORD. Ask Him to help you be strong and to help your heart be courageous as you wait for Him expectantly. (Psalm 27:13-14)

5.)Affirm to God that He is good to those who wait for Him and to the soul that seeks Him. Name specific ways He has been good to you as you’ve been waiting. (Lamentations 3:25)

6.)Ask God to help you look to Him during your season of waiting. Praise the God of your salvation for hearing your prayers! (Micah 7:7)

7.)Rejoice in the Lord’s steadfast mercies that are everlasting and renewed every morning, even during times of waiting. Tell God you stand in awe of His faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

8.)Ask God, in His grace, to enable you to wait patiently. Spend some time in silence before Him, resting your hope in Him alone. (Psalm 62:5)

9.)Thank Him, and tell Him you’ll never stop thanking Him for what He has done in your life. Let Him know that you’re waiting for His good name along with all those who are godly. (Psalm 52:9)

10.)Pray that the God of your salvation would guide and teach you in His truth as you wait on Him. (Psalm 25:5)

May your soul be strengthened and your faith fortified as you wait patiently for Him.


What testimony can you share of God’s grace during seasons of waiting?

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  1. Trisha says

    We became licensed as a foster care family in February and I have the same thoughts!! I feel at times like maybe it’s not my calling because we have not had any placements yet. But your post reminds me that everything is in His timing- never mine!! I look forward to praying these prayers. Thank you:)

    • says

      Hi, Trisha! Bless you for being willing to hear and obey God’s calling as a foster parent. May God bless you richly during your season of waiting, as He is preparing you for the next phase. Thank you for reading, and for sharing your heart with me!

  2. Christelle says

    Thank you for your wonderful text. Your words and advise are very precious. It seems so difficult, during the season of waiting, when illness is such a heavy burden. I pray and pray the Virgin Mary and St Jean Paul II.

  3. says

    This is a great List! Sometimes its hard to remain positive while Waiting but focusing on Christ will enable your heart to do so

  4. says

    Thank you for your encouraging and timely post. We are currently at the brook Cherith and the brook has dried up. We are waiting and praying for our Zarapheth. I have been grasping for truth to cling to – knowing our good Shepherd will never forsake us – and trying to continue on in faith. I shared your post with my husband this morning to encourage him. Thank you for the reminder that He is waiting with all of us in His waiting room.

    • says

      Thank you for sharing from your own experience in God’s waiting room! Praying with you for your Zarapheth, friend, and trusting in God’s promise to strengthen you, to help you, and to uphold you with His righteous right hand.

  5. Cat says

    After caring fir my dad for over a year he had home to be with Jesus in that time I was waiting fir bleat answers for what I needed to to snd gave the best care for pop andGod answered that orayer dad suffered so much and thevLord took him finally home august 24th I miss him but know he is in heaven .there is and has been great difficulty in our family my brothers and sisters have not been around much to help out snd now coming to see what they can get I’m angry and hurt about things that have happened waiting on The Lord to get it all worked out now waiting for his justice and for peace and direction now also I’m disabled and have pain waiting on healing also Dry too in the wait it’s been a challenge to go to dad everyday snd hospital and rehab etcetera but looking back I’m so glad to have had that time with my dad

    • Oyinkan says

      Praying for you Cat.
      For Peace, for Grace, for fresh Hope & Strength, for Comforting, Joy & Healing.
      He is with you ALWAYS. Lx

  6. differentjaeuniquely@gmail.com says

    As I wait on God I notice that during the wait I have many blessings come my way and our relationship gets stronger , he shows me that he will never leave me even when I think he is gone. He changes my mind all the time thats why I rejoice in the Lord because He is my almighty savior.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that is already done <3 Amen

  7. says

    I came across your post while surfing, something to occupy my mind and stop my crying (yet again!) for my lost marriage. Steve walked out on May 16, 2015, with no hint of the affair he was having. Since, I’ve struggled with my faith and almost didn’t read your prayers. I did, though, and I’m glad. I’d be lying if I understood why He’s put me through this and if I’ll ever be happy again, but your prayers have encouraged me. Thank you.

    • says

      Hello, Susan. Thank you for sharing your heart here. My heart aches for your pain. Your words bring to mind the wise words of my pastor – words he spoke over a decade ago, but that keep coming back to me in times of trial: “God doesn’t cause every crisis, but He never, ever wastes one.” I have prayed that the Lord would draw you especially close, and that He would direct your tear-filled eyes toward His love-filled ones. He wants to be your refuge and strength, and your very present help in this time of trouble (Psalm 46:1). I urge you to keep pouring out your heart to Him, holding nothing back, as I kind of think God loves our raw and unfiltered prayers most of all.

  8. Shelly says

    Thank you for this reminder….I am in a season of waiting on the Lord for a mate. I am 45 and still single. It is really hard to remain positive and not give in to discouragement and despair. I trust that God sees and knows what I need. I am determined to wait on the Lord and not settle but it gets awfully tempting! I wrote this out in a prayer that I’m sure will be very helpful. Thanks again.

    • says

      Hi, Shelly, and welcome! I’m glad this post blessed you.

      Are you familiar with the ministry of Nancy Leigh Demoss? I was listening to her Revive Our Hearts podcast very recently, and was particularly impressed with her wisdom and encouragement for single women. The series I heard can be found here, where you can read the transcript or listen to her program. I hope it provides some insight and inspiration for you, Shelly! Thank you for reading, and for taking the time to say hello.

      • Shelly says

        Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate you sharing this with me. I have followed Nancy Leigh Demoss for many years. She has much wisdom and insight. Thank you for the reminder that God is good and can be trusted to write my story.

  9. Pam Rickner says

    I have been in a season of waiting for 8 years now. My marriage ended and I am standing and believing God for restoration. Its hard but I have grown so much during this time. Its also hard not to look at circumstances and to stay focused on HIm. Thank you for your post.

    • says

      Pam, thank you for taking the time to share how this post ministered to you. I stand with you and will pray for the restoration of your marriage. I also pray that our God would provide for you abundantly, and that you would experience the pure joy of His presence. (Psalm 16:11) Thank you for your example of steadfastness during this challenging time in your life. Though God doesn’t cause every trial, one thing is certain: He never, ever wastes one. And He promises that you’ll never walk alone. May the Lord bless you!

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