Fall Outfit Ideas & Modesty Resource List!

A couple of months ago STC announced that we were going to be curating modest outfit ideas on the trending fashion site, Polyvore. Our goal was to offer a place of ideas for women who desire to dress modestly.

We’ve had a lot of fun building outfits for you so we decided to create some modest autumn looks!
Summer is waning down and it's almost time to dress for fall! If you're on the hunt for ~autumn looks~ stop by STC's polyvore post! Plus we've got a great, building, list of online modesty resources! | Satisfaction Through Christ
Plus we’re gathering a list of modesty resources because we know they can be tough to find! We’ll do our best to update you as we find more – & we’ll keep on creating outfit ideas too!

Eight of the most charming fall outfits!

Aztec print maxi skirt, modest fall outfit, poylvore | Satisfaction Through Christ Orange and denim modest fall outfit, polyvore | Satisfaction Through Christ Green grey slacks and red sweater top modest fall outfit, poylvore | Satisfaction Through Christ End of Summer Modest Outfit | Satisfaction Through Christ Plum on jeans modest autumn outfit, polyvore | Satisfaction Through Christ Orange red and lime modest autumn outfit, polyvore | Satisfaction Through ChristMaxi Skirt Autumn Style |  Satisfaction Through Christautumnoutfit1


Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fashion obsessed girly girl, but some of those outfits are so charming – I’d like a few!

Are you ready for some modesty resources that we’ve gathered? Can you hang on one more second? There is one little thing I’ve got to say. I understand that modesty is a touchy subject and to some of you the outfits I’ve designed may seem like the prudish clothes of spinster and to others these clothes may seem brazen and revealing. (I personally think they are cute, modern, and modest!)

I’m not going into modesty rules and arguments here for one simple reason – I don’t have any. Yup. That’s right. Modesty is hugely important to me (my friends and family can vouch that I talk about it all them time!) But I don’t have rules and regulations, because the Bible doesn’t really have them. (I know it addresses women dressing a bit, but not in great specifics.)

My modesty, and the outfit ideas I offer you, stem from deep personal conviction, and from a time when I did dress brazenly in revealing clothes. God did a heart thing in me that caused me to desire and be passionate for modesty – no church, no book, no blog created that desire in me.

All this to say the Holy Spirit is my convicter (among his many other roles) and it’s His leading I (try to) follow in all things, including my dress.
Thanks for understanding! (This post from ADivineEncounter.com matches my thoughts pretty clearly!)

Without further ado!
Satisfaction Through Christ is building a online modesty resource page! We are so excited to share these blogs, shops, pinterest boards and more with other Christian women who value modest dress!

SHOPS: (Note: Not every item at these stores is modest, but they all have several modest selections!)
Novae Clothing 
Kosher Casual (Psst: They even have modest workout clothes!)
Sierra Brooke

Swimwear (Note: Not every item at these stores is modest, but they all have several modest selections!)
Rey Swimwear
DownEast Basics

Modest Clothing
Modesty Pin Board
Modesty is God’s Policy
STC’s Modesty Board!
Great Modesty Ideas!

Jami from Young Wife’s Guide has a lot of biblical based wisdom regarding modesty and I value many of the posts she has written. I highly recommend her site for other reasons, but her modesty posts are especially worthwhile.
Olivia is another young woman who is in love with God’s heart for modesty and she has great taste! You can see lots of modest fashion ideas on her blog, Fresh Modesty.
Iris from FeminineModesty also has some charming modest outfit ideas, her blog is full of cute outfits and positive thoughts on modesty!

Do you have any favorite modesty blogs or stores? We’re always on look out for more sources so feel free to leave a comment + link. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list!



We linked up at Missional Woman’s Faith Filled Friday.

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Shirley spends her days fulfilling her purpose of biblical homemaking and motherhood. She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages. Together they are wading into a homesteading life on a few acres in south Georgia.


    • says

      Your comment is such a blessing to me! Both because I’d love to see this resource shared with women who need it, and also because I’m glad it was helpful to you. Modesty is a challenging topic to research and curate online, but I am hoping it will minister to women who’ve struggled with modesty options! Thank you!!!

  1. says

    Great post, Shirley! When I look at these outfits, I don’t think “brazen and revealing,” but I don’t think “modest” either. I just think “stylish outfit.” I actually had to look back at them a second time to go, “Oh yeah, I guess they ARE modest.” And I think that’s how dressing modestly should be. Some modesty-focused clothing companies/ministries/women seem like they go out of their way to feature clothing that is so dowdy or old fashioned that it fairly screams, “Look at me! I’m doing the modesty thing!” Which, of course, is the antithesis of modesty. It’s our “gentle and quiet spirit” (1 Peter 3:4) that should subtly showcase who we are in Christ, not our clothes.

    • says

      Thanks Michelle. I agree and appreciate the point you made. Modesty is an act of worship to God, a heart + spirit condition. And if we are doing it in a prideful way, or a “holier-than-thou'” way, we aren’t really honoring Him. Even though it’s been several years since God really got a hold of modesty in my life, to be completely honest I still struggle with this end of it from time to time. :/

    • says

      Your welcome Jennifer! I was so pleasantly surprised to find that article as I was researching modesty. I felt you spoke to the heart of the issues better than I could! The outfits were a blast to design!

  2. Rachel@{i love} my disorganized life says

    Love all these adorable outfits you’ve put together! So glad you shared them at Wednesday Whatsits!

  3. says

    Good comment. I know my sense of modesty has changed from back when I was a teenager. I wear things now that I probably wouldn’t have back then, but I was also quite a bit legalistic about it too. Great outfits.

  4. says

    I am dropping by from Good Tips Tuesday. I desire to dress modestly and fashionably. I need some help though! I don’t feel I am naturally good at putting together outfits that look good on me and are modest! I think being short brings new challenges to being modest and pretty. For example really long skirts often make me feel frumpy like I am wearing clothes that are too big. Thank you for sharing the pretty outfits!

    • says

      Kristie, I think I know how you feel. I’m a short gal too and I’m often frustrated by the search for modest clothes. I typically shop in the “petite” section of clothing stores but a lot of styles just aren’t meant for my little legs! Haha. I try to keep a lot of variety on our Polyvore account so that different body types will all benefit from our modest outfit ideas. We also try to make sure we pin them to our modesty board every time so that people who don’t want to use Polyvore can still get ideas. You can follow us on Pinterest to see them, or you can bookmark our pin board and see the ideas without logging into Pinterest (which is a great option if your not a Pinterest user!)
      Also, scripture says God looks at our hearts and I think a desire to be modest pleases Him! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. says

    Thanks for your post! I like stylish outfits, but have to admit that frumpiness is what comes naturally to me. So, I have to find looks I like, and then just copy them. 🙂 Our standard for modesty is to be covered from shoulders to knees, and tending toward skirts/dresses. In keeping with these guidelines, we have found a lot of nice things (especially the swim & athletic wear) at http://www.dressingforhisglory.com.

    • says

      Hey Alicia, thank you for stopping by and for leaving that link. I’ve just checked it out a bit! I struggle with swim wear more than anything else. For me, that is the category that it is hardest to find modest options in. I hate that struggle! It’s one of the reasons I’m working to curate modest options for women and girls online, because I know it can be a nightmare to clothes shop. Although I don’t stick to skirts and dresses completely I try to make several polyvore outfits with simpler looks and skirts or dresses because I know that is what a lot of women choose. So I hope that might be helpful to you in the future! Thanks again for the link!! 😀

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