Some Days You just Need to Breathe

If you are a homeschool family like ours, then you know some days you just need to breath. Take a moment, an hour, a day, a week, or a year to breath. Yes, I said a year! Take time to enjoy the season of life that you are in with your children! Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life you need to step back and look around you. You may have children growing up so fast that you aren’t appreciating the quirks of their age. Enjoy your children right where they are today! 

For example, my middle son turned 4 years old today! Boy where has time gone. I remember when he was just crawling around getting into things. Now I’m teaching him to cross the street to play with the neighbors. He loves video games, running around outdoors, and still loves to snuggle up and read at night. 
Do you have a long list of expectations for your homeschool year? Maybe you have an entire checklist which you want to accomplish by the time they graduate. I say ditch this year’s list to enjoy life
Now don’t get me wrong. I love lists. I really really do, but sometimes the list may take us out of the moments of life. You can create a new list of fun things that are great for your children right now. I think as homeschoolers there’s the added pressure of being parent and teacher. Most of that pressure we place on ourselves. Sometimes it’s the classic “keeping up with the Jones’ syndrome”. We hear that a family has joined Classical Conversations or has enrolled their precious child in an All-Summer Camp or class and we think we need to do that exact same thing. 
Do not be fooled into this trap! It is very easy to compare your child, your family, your homeschool with others. Save yourself some heartache and do not compare. I’m all for planning and researching. So go ahead and entertain the idea of a Co-Op, Class, or Camp but be sure you sign-up because it’s what God has called your child or your family to do. Education is important so is vast experience, but not at the expense of your family’s sanity or budget. Do yourself a favor today and BREATH! Let your child play outside an extra 15 minutes. Stop and laugh. Run through a field or roll down a hill. Go pick flowers. Go hike or ride a bike. Enjoy that day that God has created and the time you have now with your children!
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