Living With Meaning

Living with Meaning Many people make it through each day living off of something that is able to be stripped from them in a moment’s notice.  They live life with their riches, their good looks, their positions, or their talent. What happens when those things are suddenly and unexpectedly taken away?  Jobs come and go, looks are fleeting, and injuries can prevent us from … [Read more...]

Blogging Through The Bible – 1 Peter

Blogging Through the Bible with Women Living Well's Good Morning Girls Reading Plan. Satisfaction Through Christ will be posting a weekly update on this new one-chapter-a-day program from

Weekly Bible Reading Recap & Sunday Blog Prayer I'm a gal who thrives on mission, on purpose. The more I have to do - the more I get done. And when I know that my work is for the Kingdom of Heaven, well, those are the days I live for. Unfortunately my mind does it's fair share of lie-believing. Sometimes all it takes is an emotional moment or waking up one day with little … [Read more...]