Inspiration for Christian Marriages on Pinterest

20 Marriage Pinterest Boards that we Love to Follow! | Satisfaction Through Christ

20 Marriage Pinterest Boards We Love to Follow! There is this thought out there that Pinterest is a temptation full of negative and distracting content. That spending time on the beloved visual data base will corrupt you. Well, to be fair Pinterest is definitely a temptation, but the rumor that all of the content is spiritually worthless isn't true. Yes, Pinterest can … [Read more...]

5 Felted Wool Projects for Fall

Now that the kids are back to school and the mornings are crisper here in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast PA, I am in the mood for some serious fall crafting. Want to join me? Don’t worry that these DIY’s will be too hard.  Some are as simple as using a pair of scissors – no kidding! First, gather your main supply – a thrifted wool sweater.  I like to head to my … [Read more...]

Pinterest and Unrealistic Marriage Expectations

Ok, the title of my post may be a tad dramatic and you may be thinking, why is she blaming Pinterest for her marriage problems? But bear with me here. It takes a bit of explaining :) Did anyone else grow up dreaming of their wedding? What it would be like to have all eyes on them in a beautiful white dress with their dad walking them down the aisle and having your husband … [Read more...]

How To Find Modest Outfit Ideas on Polyvore

Polyvore Pins on Pinterest How To Find Modest Clothes Sets

    A few months ago I experienced a little disappointment on Pinterest. I know what you're thinking - that the only possible disappointment on Pinterest is your next failed DIY that looked so easy on So & So's board. While I'll admit that my inability to follow-through on brilliant pins is genuinely disappointing, it wasn't a DIY or tip pin that … [Read more...]