Supporting the Body of Christ

Chain of Support? Or Weakest Link? | Satisfaction Through Christ

We as Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are the body!  As long as we are here on this earth, we will all have different opinions, feel, think, see, do and believe differently.  The trouble is, how do we handle those differences?  Do we lash out in anger or hatred “all in the name of the Lord?” or do we speak with compassion? We can express our different … [Read more...]

Loving People with Christ’s Love

I'm sure you have had interactions with at least one person in your life that is the antithesis of who you are!  Their beliefs, motivations, style, habits, hobbies, etc. are all completely different than yours!  Sometimes this blending of personalities can be a harmonious concoction; however, at other times, it can be a dissonant disaster, to say the least.  I believe that God … [Read more...]

Marriage: My Husband Brought Me Flowers Today

My Husband Brought Me Flowers Today | Satisfaction Through Christ

  "I'm so tired of flowers," sighed the elderly woman in the TV commercial as my jaw hit the floor. She had just described how her husband of fifty years, seated next to her, brought her flowers on their first date, and every year since had given her the same bouquet on that day. And she was tired of flowers. It wasn't enough that she had a husband who stayed with … [Read more...]

Pinterest and Unrealistic Marriage Expectations

Ok, the title of my post may be a tad dramatic and you may be thinking, why is she blaming Pinterest for her marriage problems? But bear with me here. It takes a bit of explaining :) Did anyone else grow up dreaming of their wedding? What it would be like to have all eyes on them in a beautiful white dress with their dad walking them down the aisle and having your husband … [Read more...]

Loving God Beyond Our Circumstances

I was recently listening to Rolland Baker, a missionary living in Mozambique, and he gave the most thought-provoking message, It was titled “What will it take?” It led me to ask these questions... Have you ever thought about what it takes for you to love God? Have you ever thought about the reasons you really love God? Do you love Him because of your job promotion? Do you … [Read more...]