Memory Board Christmas Gift – Do It Yourself

DIY Christmas gift idea for boy or girl, adaptable to any age. Memory Boards as #handmade Christmas gifts! | Satisfaction Through Christ #DIY #Christmas

A DIY Gift for Boy or Girl - Adaptable to Any Age Merry Christmas! Yes, I am one of those gals who thinks about Christmas six months out of the year. But the good news is - it gives many plenty of time to work on some amazing DIY Christmas gift ideas! Like this Do-It-Yourself Memory Board Make It for Ten Dollars or Less! Here is what you'll need: a canvas from an … [Read more...]

Old Window Pane Turned Antique Mirror

DIY mirror

    Do you ever look at all of the amazing DIY post on Pinterest and think, oh I can do that?! I do that all the time. ¬†I've had this old window pane for over a year, my husband stole it...I mean got it out of someones trash pile at a house being gutted. So, finders keepers right? I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but then I saw this¬†Pottery Barn … [Read more...]