Building on the Rock

I recently wrote a post challenging the notion of so-called "pro-choice Christians." I was dismayed by one Facebook response to that post. It involved a casual, "This doesn't change my mind." Followed by a *shrug*. I think it was the shrug that hurt the most. Not because I was personally acquainted with this woman. I wasn't. And not because her comment was … [Read more...]

All In: Commitment is Key

All In

We live in a culture where commitment isn't always necessary. Between fishing for better pay by threatening to leave a job, to men & women shacking up together without a commitment of choosing to love one another through thick and thin, the list goes on and on with examples of how noncommittal our society really is. Whoever has the most to gain is where efforts lie until … [Read more...]

Dis. Grace.: Responding Biblically to Church Scandal

It happened again last week. Another scandal. Another high profile pastor stepping down from the ministry in disgrace. Another family broken. Another church stunned and bereft. And it's not just the money grubbing televangelists anymore, either. This was one of the theological good guys. Sadly, pastors and Christian leaders - both those in the public eye and those right … [Read more...]