Ambassadors for Christ

  2 Corinthians 5:20 reminds us that we are ambassadors for Christ.   I sat there ready to receive a blessing. Excited for the service to start. I know a few people but not knowing people in church doesn’t bother me. For some, that isn’t true. A very kind lady asked if anyone was sitting with us because she needed the extra room for her family.  I smiled … [Read more...]

Serve the Lord Where You Are

Are you looking for a way to serve the Lord right where you are? Look no further! Come join the STC team as we serve through eMinistry!

I don't know how much you poke around here at STC, but if you've been around for any period of time you've probably realized that we have 15 awesome authors that minister here in this space. Minister? Yes, 15 women that give freely of their time to minister to you! They aren't paid staff (although I do try to reward them as often as possible!), they genuinely want to … [Read more...]

The Story Of Our Lives

Our Lives Portray Christ What began as a great day at church ended up anything but great. Over this past Labor Day, the wife of one of my longtime friends was driving home after church when the unthinkable happened. She turned left onto the street where her subdivision is located. As soon as she turned, her van collided with a motorcyclist who had lost control of his … [Read more...]

Learning To Cook From Scratch – Kitchen Tips

Learning to Cook from Scratch: rediscovering a lost joy of homemaking: Kitchen Tips from Satisfaction Through Christ - Cooking, baking, and kitchen tips from a girl who once hated cooking!

My mama was born and raised in the South, and even though she doesn't cook with the heavy lard and bacon flavors of the South, she is a wonderful cook.  Unfortunately, despite being in a family where our parents expected us to help out, do chores, and 'earn our keep' so to speak, her cooking skills didn't pass on to me. Consequently I grew up with a disdain for kitchen … [Read more...]

Leading By Example

You are a leader. Did you know that? Do you believe that? Leadership is often made more complicated than it really is. We think that if we don’t feel like a leader then we aren’t one or if we don’t have this huge following, then we aren’t one. Or if our circumstances don't label us as a leader, then we aren't one. But that is simply not true! I have been in leadership for 15 … [Read more...]