Heart Attitudes & Amazing Grace

Hi new friends! This is my first post here at STC, and I'm so happy to be here! I want to discuss Numbers 11 with you. It stood out to me in my Bible reading. In my Bible, this chapter is titled, "The People Complain." I will go along and outline what happened, but I encourage you to go to your own Bible and read that chapter for yourself. This event takes place as … [Read more...]

Praying the Scriptures for America

Many good things can be said about the United States of America. It is a land of freedom, and one of opportunity. But few Christians today would argue the fact that America is a wounded nation, and one in need of much prayer. If you sometimes struggle in knowing how to pray for our nation, will you join me in praying the Scriptures for this land that we … [Read more...]

2 Overlooked Truths That Will Change Your Life Today

I scoured the pantry for the chocolate chips, my go-to stash when there's no other chocolate in the house. The search wasn't quite frantic, but it was certainly urgent as I sought what my appetite craved. When I finally conceded to myself that the hunt was in vain, I'm pretty sure my shoulders slumped a little. I wasn't going to get my fix. Not this time. As I … [Read more...]

Identity In Christ: Worship Songs

Knowing your identity in Christ can bring you hope, peace & joy even in the midst of trials. Remember who you are with these Scriptures & worship songs.

Celebrate your identity in Christ with worship songs that proclaim unchangeable truth.   When Jesus' disciples learned that He would not remain with them to the end of their lives and ministries, they were distressed. Jesus wasn't trying to scare them with His promise of impending trials. Rather, he wanted to prepare them to live securely in the knowledge of … [Read more...]

How to Cultivate Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Do you feel as though you're standing in the midst of chaos and you don't know how to find peace? Follow this simple tip and learn how to find real peace that comes from living from the core of who God made you to be!

There was a span of years in my life when I had no hobbies. You might be thinking, How is that possible? Everyone has hobbies. No, it’s not true. I really had no hobbies. I had friends. I had family. I had expectations. I had activities. But I didn’t have any hobbies – nothing that made me brim with passion and excitement. I was living for everyone else, … [Read more...]