Meet Amy of Amy Davis Art!

Have y'all noticed the shop ads in my sidebar!?  I've teamed up with some great Christian Etsy shops and I'm really excited to introduce each of them to you.  As a Christian I want to support Christian businesses and promote them however I can! I pray you'll be as blessed by Amy Davis as I have been over the last week!  Not only have I had the privilege of … [Read more...]

Meet Lisa of YouNiqueDesigns4U!

As most of you have seen, we're doing a huge group giveaway starting October 21!  When I first set out to team up with The Crafter's Dream Group Giveaway, I wasn't sure how I would take part!  I didn't have anything to offer and I'm not crafty, either!  So, I stuck my neck out there and reached out to a few Etsy shops!  I'm so blessed and honored that … [Read more...]

Never Satisfied

Are you ever satisfied? I mean truly satisfied?Satisfied with what you have, satisfied in Christ, satisfied with life?I don't know that we truly can be.It's a sad thought, isn't it?  To think that no matter what we're blessed with, the things we have, the amount of money we bring in; we'll never be truly satisfied.I've been longing lately.  Longing for a … [Read more...]

Who Does God Expect You to Be?

After we got back from camp on Saturday, the youth shared their testimonies with the church about what God did for them during the week. Q told them that he expected to hear what God did in their hearts, not how much fun they had. It was a joy to see them get up (some hesitantly, some crying) and give all honor, glory, and praise to the Father. Something was weighing … [Read more...]

Honesty, Human Nature, & A Prayer

An honest thought packed post about human nature and days when God does not come first. Can we all admit to having these days? More often than we would like? Yup, I think so. | Satisfaction Through Christ

Not much to report from my (quiet) escape. I started my day off yesterday with a couple of dogs laying on my feet and snuggled up against me...they keep me company. I decided to get the dust blown off of me with a (short) trip to the bank and McDonald's for a cup of coffee (I get it from my mother)! I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, seeing that it is Mickey D's, … [Read more...]