2 Overlooked Truths That Will Change Your Life Today

I scoured the pantry for the chocolate chips, my go-to stash when there's no other chocolate in the house. The search wasn't quite frantic, but it was certainly urgent as I sought what my appetite craved. When I finally conceded to myself that the hunt was in vain, I'm pretty sure my shoulders slumped a little. I wasn't going to get my fix. Not this time. As I … [Read more...]

Identity In Christ: Worship Songs

Knowing your identity in Christ can bring you hope, peace & joy even in the midst of trials. Remember who you are with these Scriptures & worship songs.

Celebrate your identity in Christ with worship songs that proclaim unchangeable truth.   When Jesus' disciples learned that He would not remain with them to the end of their lives and ministries, they were distressed. Jesus wasn't trying to scare them with His promise of impending trials. Rather, he wanted to prepare them to live securely in the knowledge of … [Read more...]

To the One Who Feels Unworthy of a Savior this Easter

Are you feeling unworthy of a Savior this Easter season? You are not alone. In fact, we are unworthy. Find some hope here & begin believing that truth that Jesus kept walking toward the cross despite our unworthiness!

Dear soul that feels unworthy of a Savior, I won’t sit here and tell you to feel worthy. Sometimes that is much easier said than believed. And in this season of pretty pastel decorations and pictures of an empty tomb, you might be feeling like you have to get your emotions in order and simply celebrate. But can I remind you of a great truth during this season of … [Read more...]

Easter Gifts For Every Person Found In The Cross

Wonder why the cross is a central symbol of Christian faith? Consider the numerous Easter gifts God offers everyone through Christ's death and resurrection.

The best Easter gifts you'll find are wrapped up in the cross of Christ! Can you believe it's March already? That means Easter is just around the corner! These words, from the song, Jesus, Thank You, come to mind as I think about the annual celebration of Christ's death and resurrection: The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend, The agonies of Calvary. You … [Read more...]

Why You Don’t Need to Forgive Yourself (and What You Really Need Instead)

Some Christians have walked with the Lord practically all their lives, coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior as young children and clinging closely to Him from that point onward. For the majority, however, that isn't the case. Most believers have a blemished history. A past marked by varying degrees of wickedness, often including at least one particularly … [Read more...]