What to do When Brokenness Surrounds You

What brokenness has touched your heart recently? Hung heavy & not left you alone? Here's how I believe we should respond to such brokenness...

I heard the broken words of the woman sitting behind me on the tight flight from West to East. “There are just a lot of places with a lot of sadness.” The weight of her words hung heavy. I wanted to turn around and give this woman a hug – a hug that communicated, “I feel that sadness too. And I feel the brokenness. And it hurts my heart just like it hurts … [Read more...]

3 Rejuvenating Tips to Calm Your Mind and Soul

3 rejuvenating tips to calm your mind and soul. Soothe your mind and soul with these techniques as the peace of God's Word empowers and realigns your heart.

I once enjoyed a luxurious spa day with girlfriends.  A waterfall rippled down a marble wall, glass pitchers of fruit-filled water flanked a granite, dessert-laden counter, and reclining couches overlooked a beautiful Florida lake.  I was given a fluffy white robe and slippers and lead to a massage room.  Upon entering, I was directed to an assortment of tiny cards, each with … [Read more...]

Why I Have Hymns on My Phone

One year ago, my mother had a stroke. In fact, she suffered from a very rare, very severe, usually deadly brain bleed. She was taking a new medication at the same time, so we initially wrote off her symptoms as an allergic reaction to the medicine. By the time I saw her, her brain had been bleeding for a week. She had gotten lost on her way to church, double billed clients at … [Read more...]

5 Simple Prayers to Start Your Day Well

Starting the day off well is essential for many of us. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the first few minutes of the day shape how the next 24 hours will play out. If I wake up frazzled and overwhelmed, my day is likely to feel rushed. If I wake up fearful and anxious, my thoughts tend to linger in the unknown. But when I wake up joyful and confident in the Lord? … [Read more...]

Easter Gifts For Every Person Found In The Cross

Wonder why the cross is a central symbol of Christian faith? Consider the numerous Easter gifts God offers everyone through Christ's death and resurrection.

The best Easter gifts you'll find are wrapped up in the cross of Christ! Can you believe it's March already? That means Easter is just around the corner! These words, from the song, Jesus, Thank You, come to mind as I think about the annual celebration of Christ's death and resurrection: The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend, The agonies of Calvary. You … [Read more...]