How many times have we all said, "I'm praying for you!"?Thousands!I know I tell someone, if not many someones, every day that I'm praying for them and lately I've been convicted by the fact that sometimes I don't...Whether it be because I forget or because I never really meant it, I'm burdened by it.Has the term, "I'm praying for you!" become so common place that it … [Read more...]

“Pray All Night”

A post about the time God asked me to pray all night, and a verse that tells us Jesus did.

These are the words I heard last night as I layed down to go to sleep. It started out with not being able to fall asleep, an uneasiness in my spirit, and then I heard/felt something say, "Pray all night..." Never have I felt this way and never have I prayed all night.... This brings back the story of Q and his college roomate, who happened to be from Venezuela. He came to … [Read more...]

Honesty, Human Nature, & A Prayer

An honest thought packed post about human nature and days when God does not come first. Can we all admit to having these days? More often than we would like? Yup, I think so. | Satisfaction Through Christ

Not much to report from my (quiet) escape. I started my day off yesterday with a couple of dogs laying on my feet and snuggled up against me...they keep me company. I decided to get the dust blown off of me with a (short) trip to the bank and McDonald's for a cup of coffee (I get it from my mother)! I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, seeing that it is Mickey D's, … [Read more...]