How to Decide What’s Best

“My baby won’t sleep through the night. What should I do?” “My one-year-old is trying to eliminate one of her naps. Is she ready for that?” “My kids watch too much TV. What should I do about it?” "My toddler is becoming a little terror. But she's so cute, I just can't bear to discipline her. I can't stand to see her cry!" “I know I should teach my kids to do chores, but I … [Read more...]

Grace Upon Grace

The artistic flair of washable marker was evidence that he'd been there. I followed the evidence over the wall and behind the door. Hearing the sshh-ing from the closet, I found the culprits. This was the pinnacle of a not-so-great day. It started off well enough and then slipped into chaos faster than lightening strikes the ground. Fights erupted. Retaliations … [Read more...]

5 Scriptures to pray for adult children

Five comforting Scriptures to pray over your adult children, complete with Scripture prayers. For every parent's comfort and assurance in rearing adults.

Do you catch yourself worrying over your adult children?  Lying in your bed at night, concerned for their safety? Texting them first thing in the morning to allay your fears? I've done it too. Will they make sound choices? With whom is she spending time? Are they riding with safe drivers? Where is he sleeping this weekend? What are the safety conditions at her … [Read more...]

One Powerful but Overlooked Decision Skill

One powerful but overlooked decision skill, and why we don't want to use it. God has a powerful way of helping us with our decision. Here's how.

How many times have you rehashed a decision because you...well, couldn't decide? I don't know anyone like that. (Raises hand, forms "loser" sign with thumb and index finger on forehead.) The believer possesses a powerful decision making skill that is oftentimes overlooked. A Decision involves God's secret counsel But His secret counsel is with the upright. ~ … [Read more...]

15 Confessions of a Christian Mom

Come on!  You know we all have them!  What am I talking about?  Mom confessions!  You know, the things that you're pretty sure someone else you know has done before but you haven't shared out of embarrassment or guilt?  Below is a list of those very types of confessions!  Enjoy! 1. "One Sunday afternoon, my pastor called to tell me I had forgotten my 5 year old son at … [Read more...]