Treasuring Christ

Treasuring more important than bearing children.This sentence, in the midst of an enormous quote by John Piper, took my breath away yesterday. It almost caused me to fall to my knees...You see, bearing children has been at the forefront of my mind for 3 years...three.long.years.And in that time, I've had many arguments with God, I've prayed, I've questioned, I've … [Read more...]

What’s In the Bible? Volume 1 {Review & #Giveaway}

Have you heard of What's in the Bible?? I was so excited when I was presented with the opportunity to review the first volume, as I'm always looking for biblical resources to present to Moriah. From the creator of Veggie Tales comes this great series that walks families through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. "Biblical illiteracy  is a huge problem in the … [Read more...]

Jen Hatmaker’s 7 – Chapter 3 – Possessions {Bloom Book Club}

This chapter really got to me.  Convicted, disgusted, overwhelmed.I'm convicted, disgusted, and overwhelmed with stuff.I remember when we first got married.  Everything we owned was given to us and I remember thinking, "I can't imagine ever having enough stuff to hold a yard sale."  We had everything we needed, by American standards, and not much more.Fast … [Read more...]

Getting Away

Q and I just got back from a trip to Atlanta.  Each year we make it a point to catch one or two college football games.  Fortunately, our favorite teams were playing each other this year and we made it a date to go.  No baby, no dogs, just us!Can I tell you what a great time we had!? And, to make it even better, my team won! :)As we enjoyed our alone time … [Read more...]