Surviving the Holidays with Infertility

The holidays. For almost five years, the day before Thanksgiving - as I baked multiple pies for our huge annual family gathering - marked the beginning of my least favorite time of year. When you are infertile, and the one thing you want most in the world - but God isn't giving to you - is a child, the holidays are incredibly difficult. No one seems to want to acknowledge … [Read more...]

What the Bible says about Infertility

Recently we donated all of our baby gear. Our “baby” turned six in January, and he is our only child.  It’s very hard in the evangelical church to be single, childless, or have “only” one child.  It’s equally hard to lay down your hope. My husband and I aren’t really sure whether we have given up hope of having another child, or if we have come to accept that having only one … [Read more...]

When Scripture Hurts

This is my third post here at Satisfaction Through Christ, so I thought I might take a moment and let you get to know me a little more. I have been blogging for almost seven years, and the majority of those years focused on the fact that I am infertile, and that we are adoptive parents. In fact, my original blog was called “Barren Woman,” and that is still my email address. … [Read more...]

Sarah’s Sisters {Infertility & Miscarriage Small Group}

You may (or may not) know that I run social media for a little site called Fancy Little Things.  I'm also privileged to run a Gal Group at FLT called Sarah's Sisters. Sarah’s Sisters seeks to glorify the Lord through our faith, our hope, and our God honoring wait for the Lord! Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is … [Read more...]

Trusting in the Lord

Yesterday, another month of hoping came to an end.Another month of praying for a baby and another month of the reality that my womb wasn't bearing life.This month also marked five years of trying to conceive. Five of the most trying years of my life.  Five years of maybe next month...Sixty times I've said...not this month.And sixty-one times I've said... but I … [Read more...]