Homeschooling Mom Bundle – Just $10 – 92% Off!

$118.19 ONLY $10.00 Save: 92% Save money, strengthen your marriage, and streamline your schedule using our Mom Bundle. Find the encouragement you need and the insight to speak to your child's heart (even that difficult child!). Whip your home into shape and train your children to do their chores effectively with Easy Peasy Chores. This bundle brims with useful tools to help … [Read more...]

Organizing Memories : Making Keepsake Notebooks & Memory Bins

**Disclaimer: If you love to scrapbook the official, correct way, then this isn’t for you. Carry on.  You're doing a great job!  If you love the thought of having scrapbooks for your children’s memories but don’t have the time, talent, or budget for the supplies, then this is for you!** Today I’m sharing how I organize keepsakes and memories for my 4 boys. This system is … [Read more...]

10 Steps to a Healthier Home

Read scripture everyday (aloud if you can).   I try to get my devotionals in in the morning with my cup of coffee.  It makes me feel good and I start my day on a better note.  Sing hymns or Bible songs while doing a project, cleaning, or cooking. Sometimes while doing homeschool work with my sons, I sing and they either start singing along with me or always want to … [Read more...]

Homemaking Through Servanthood

Usually, when I think of the word “homemaking,” I think of Better Homes and Gardens. You know, having a spotless showplace with the most beautiful designer furniture, a lovely table set with fresh flowers, fine china, and cloth napkins, cuisine containing ingredients you have to special order at a froo froo food market. Oh, and candles. Lots of candles. Listen, if … [Read more...]