Bible as Homeschool Curriculum

I believe that Bible should be taught as part of everyday homeschool curriculum. There. I said it. :) This is a very controversial topic, I have discovered. Now, I am still relatively wet behind the ears when it comes to homeschooling: I have a six year old. But I've attended three different homeschool conventions and read approximately 902,379,032 blogs about the … [Read more...]

The Why’s and How’s of Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

We chose A Beka Book for our homeschool program!

Hey Mama! Yeah you, the one who is trying to research homeschooling options. I know you are weighing the pro's and con's and wandering around slightly confused. You may be wondering if you can really do this...? (You can!) You may be wondering if homeschooling is really worth it...? (It is!) Chances are, you are definitely wondering, should I purchase a homeschool curriculum? … [Read more...]

Fun Ways Kids Can Review Bible Verses

Don't let the memory verses fade away! Use these 7 fun ways to help your kids review Bible verses they've learned at church, school, Awana or home.

Do your kids memorize Scripture at home, church or school? Help them practice what they learn with these fun ways to review Bible verses.   How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your word. I have stored up Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:9,11 (ESV)   Scripture memory is a wonderful way … [Read more...]

What to REALLY Expect as a Mom

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting STC in such a tangible way. Many of you have probably read at least one of the books in the What to Expect series. From prenatal nutrition to childhood development, this series is the go-to resource of many parents when it comes to...well, what to expect! Here's my version...the cold, hard, wonderful … [Read more...]

Secrets of Homeschooling

Secrets of Homeschooling *Photo credit:* This is my second year homeschooling.  I remember being scared, not knowing a thing about homeschooling, and having no idea where to start.  All I knew was that I had a calling on my heart from the Lord and I had to honor that.  I wanted to share some helpful hints today that have made my life easier and I hope it will … [Read more...]