God Is For You: Scripture Meditations

Feeling alone or doubting your place or ability,? You need to know that God is for you. Encourage your heart with these Scripture meditations.

On days when it feels like everyone in your world is against you, encourage your heart with Scriptures that prove God is for you.   I stood at the sink, tears dripping into the dishwater. It had been an extra hard few days of parenting. Of trying to understand the issues accurately, of trying to make the right decisions, respond the right way. I was more … [Read more...]

Resisting the Enemy’s Foothold in Your Marriage

Resisting the Enemy's Foothold in Your Marriage from Jennifer at Satisfaction Through Christ

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the ministry of STC in such a tangible way. My husband is training for a new job, and today my heart was full of thanksgiving for the way he works hard in obedience to God, providing for our family through his employment. Until I remembered something that happened yesterday. Something that hurt my feelings … [Read more...]

Who Am I Not To Forgive?

Photo Credit: Michaela Faith PhotographyIn light of this Easter season, my thoughts are still focused on the subject of forgiveness. This is one of those subjects that we don’t mind talking about but are slow to actually doing it. Let’s be honest, forgiveness is hard! It’s awkward and uncomfortable. At times, it is not even deserved. None of this matters to God.God doesn’t call … [Read more...]