Ambassadors for Christ

  2 Corinthians 5:20 reminds us that we are ambassadors for Christ.   I sat there ready to receive a blessing. Excited for the service to start. I know a few people but not knowing people in church doesn’t bother me. For some, that isn’t true. A very kind lady asked if anyone was sitting with us because she needed the extra room for her family.  I smiled … [Read more...]

8 Game-Changing Mottoes for Christian Parents

Do you ever feel like parenting is chasing down and chopping up your very last brain cell? I sure do. Which is why doing some aspects of parenting on auto-pilot isn't a bad thing. I've found that having parenting mottoes, or phrases I repeat often (my kids might use the phrase ad nauseam if they knew it existed), have a way of keeping me sane while hitting home valuable … [Read more...]

When More is Not Enough {Review + Giveaway}

When More is Not Enough – How to Stop Giving Your Kids What They Want and Give Them What They Need When More is Not Enough by Amy Sullivan is an honest look at what happens when adults “gobble up what life has to offer.”  She reminds us that this iGeneration (entitlement in our youth) is our fault.  On the one hand our kids feel loved, adored and taken care of and on the … [Read more...]

The Tension of Balance

When I was single I remember having this passion for discipleship and ministry in which all I wanted to do was read the Bible, gain the knowledge of the Holy, put that knowledge to action in service and help others do the same. I distinctly remember being 100% all-in. I was free from distraction in my walk with Christ and it was life-giving and utterly amazing! And then … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Christian Marriages on Pinterest

20 Marriage Pinterest Boards that we Love to Follow! | Satisfaction Through Christ

20 Marriage Pinterest Boards We Love to Follow! There is this thought out there that Pinterest is a temptation full of negative and distracting content. That spending time on the beloved visual data base will corrupt you. Well, to be fair Pinterest is definitely a temptation, but the rumor that all of the content is spiritually worthless isn't true. Yes, Pinterest can … [Read more...]