Prayer in Marriage

Matthew 10:27 "What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight. What is whispered in your ear, shout from the rooftops." One of the things I realized lately is that my husband and I don't pray together aloud.  Or at least not as much as we should.  We pray at meal and bed times with our sons, and we have taught them to pray for safe travels when we get in the car.  I feel … [Read more...]

Trusting God: Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do What Is Just*?

A look at what the Bible says about God's justness and our trust in Him. | Satisfaction Through Christ

Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him. Numbers 31:17 That’s a pretty tough verse, isn’t it? Married women. Widows. Little boys. When I read that verse, I think of somebody like me. Or, somebody like my ten year old. It’s hard for me to put myself in a Midianite woman’s sandals and imagine the … [Read more...]

Will You Pray With Us? A Call to Weekly Blog Prayer

Blog for women wants you to partner in prayer with them? Will you take a moment each Sunday to take their ministry to the Lord?

  STC is asking for blog prayer? What do we mean? It's quite possible that you've never seen a blog or website launch a weekly call to prayer. For the record, I'm not sure I have either. And let's be honest, the thought may never cross our minds to pray for a site or blog that ministers to us because we're busy. Or because when we're the readers, we're receiving … [Read more...]

The Weapon of Praise

When we sing praises to the Lord, we are using one of the greatest weapons ever. Our hearts can be heavy for any number of reasons, but while we are praising the Lord, the heaviness lifts, the hurts ease and our soul focuses on just how awesome and mighty the Lord is. When we focus on just how amazing God’s love is and the gift of the cross, it’s easy to remember that … [Read more...]

Loving Your Child Enough

One of my priorities as I write is to always be truthful. Sometimes the truth is beautiful and charming and inspiring. But other times it's messy and ugly and...somehow still inspiring when we allow God to wrench it from our grasping fingers and use it the way He wants to. Here's fair warning that there's some truth of the messy variety ahead. One recent afternoon, my … [Read more...]