Jen Hatmaker’s 7 – Chapter 6 – Spending {Bloom Book Club}

If you haven't realized, I'm a couple of weeks behind on my  7 (by Jen Hatmaker) posts.  Reading and writing have fallen behind while keeping up with daily blog posts and contributor posts. But, this chapter of 7 is right up my alley!Spending!No, I'm not a spender; I'm the complete opposite!I'm a stickler for a budget and I cringe when I spend … [Read more...]

Jesus Calling Teen {Review & Giveaway}

Since Q is a youth pastor we spend a lot of time with teens!  When I was presented with the opportunity to review Jesus Calling Teen by Sarah Young, I automatically thought about them; especially my girls!I'm so proud of the group of youth we have.  They love the Lord and yearn to be close to Him!  I love spending time with them and miss being with them as often … [Read more...]

Remembering the Gifts {DaySpring}

I've been yearning for the Lord, lately.  To write that just seems so wrong to me.  This ministry life; it leaves you feeling you have to be on and perfect all the time.  How does the pastor's wife feel out of tune with the Lord?It's all me.  None of Him.I lay in bed at night and I pray, "Lord give me a deeper desire for you, a deeper desire … [Read more...]

Adoption: A Call for All

I'm going to share a bit of news with you today.  News you may or may not agree with.  I pray that you agree and in return, act.Here it is...The call to adoption is for every Christian.I'm being featured at Just a Small Town Girl today.  Click here to read more...And, don't forget to order your Ornament for Adoption! … [Read more...]

Meet Amy of Amy Davis Art!

Have y'all noticed the shop ads in my sidebar!?  I've teamed up with some great Christian Etsy shops and I'm really excited to introduce each of them to you.  As a Christian I want to support Christian businesses and promote them however I can! I pray you'll be as blessed by Amy Davis as I have been over the last week!  Not only have I had the privilege of … [Read more...]