Heart Attitudes & Amazing Grace

Hi new friends! This is my first post here at STC, and I'm so happy to be here! I want to discuss Numbers 11 with you. It stood out to me in my Bible reading. In my Bible, this chapter is titled, "The People Complain." I will go along and outline what happened, but I encourage you to go to your own Bible and read that chapter for yourself. This event takes place as … [Read more...]

Praying the Scriptures for America

Many good things can be said about the United States of America. It is a land of freedom, and one of opportunity. But few Christians today would argue the fact that America is a wounded nation, and one in need of much prayer. If you sometimes struggle in knowing how to pray for our nation, will you join me in praying the Scriptures for this land that we … [Read more...]

Faith and Gardening

Last year we planted a garden for the first time. This year we almost doubled it in size. We are growing broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, sugar snap peas, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, jalapeno peppers, did I mention tomatoes :), and sunflowers for our kiddo. We planted marigolds around the entire thing to keep out the rabbits and squirrels. In May, when it … [Read more...]

Why You Should STOP Reading Your Bible!

Do you have trouble recalling what you've read when someone asks about your devotional life? Maybe it's time to stop reading your Bible. Come find out why!

  So, who wants to share something God's been teaching you from His Word this week? Ever sat in a small group and listened to the silence that follows that question? Watch the gazes shift as everyone fumbles through their thoughts wondering, "what have I even read this week?" Or perhaps the confrontation is more personal, directed specifically at you by a friend … [Read more...]

God’s Protective Hand

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." - Hebrews 13:2 Today I have a very interesting story to relay to you. It is one in which the events seemed most natural to me, but upon reflecting later, my family and I were amazed at the intervention of what we know to be an angel sent by the loving protective Hand of … [Read more...]