Jen Hatmaker’s “7” – Food Update {Bloom Book Club}

The Lord's convicted me to write a Chapter One update post; one I hadn't planned on writing.Here it goes:Do you notice any difference between last week's "coffee bar" photo -and this week's "coffee bar" photo?No, not the coffee brewing or the red coffee cup.  No, not the bananas turned the opposite way or the raisins that should be in the pantry!No, how about the … [Read more...]

Jen Hatmaker’s “7” – Intro. & Chapter One {Bloom Book Club}

I was so excited on Tuesday when I checked FedEx and it looked like my book would arrive a day early! :) I laid Moriah down for a nap, sat down to catch up on emails as the dogs laid at my feet.  I saw the FedEx guy pull up and rushed to grab the dogs and put them in their cage before they started barking and woke her  up!  That man must have run off that truck … [Read more...]