How to Be a Berean

I hear it *all* the time. Well-meaning women say things to one another, trying to be helpful and encouraging, thinking that what they are saying to each other is a biblical truth, when, in fact, it is not. “God helps those who help themselves” (Ben Franklin). “God never gives us more than we can handle” (a gross misunderstanding and misquoting of I Corinthians 10:13). … [Read more...]

Thirteen Marriage Lessons

In less than one week, Keith and I will have been married for thirteen years. In some circles, this seems like only a matter of days, but in others, we win the “Longest Married Award” by far. We may barely be in our forties, but having over a decade of marriage under our belts, we’ve learned a thing or two. So today, I present thirteen lessons from thirteen years of marriage! … [Read more...]

Nothing is a Surprise to God

I have to admit that there are days I would like to live…alone. Okay, not necessarily by myself, but I’d like to take my husband and my son, run away, and live somewhere where society and culture cannot influence us. Living in America today can be pretty frightening. People are selfish, narcissistic, mean, unconcerned. Sin-full. What is a Christian to do? Tuesday was … [Read more...]

What the Bible says about Infertility

Recently we donated all of our baby gear. Our “baby” turned six in January, and he is our only child.  It’s very hard in the evangelical church to be single, childless, or have “only” one child.  It’s equally hard to lay down your hope. My husband and I aren’t really sure whether we have given up hope of having another child, or if we have come to accept that having only one … [Read more...]

Why I Have Hymns on My Phone

One year ago, my mother had a stroke. In fact, she suffered from a very rare, very severe, usually deadly brain bleed. She was taking a new medication at the same time, so we initially wrote off her symptoms as an allergic reaction to the medicine. By the time I saw her, her brain had been bleeding for a week. She had gotten lost on her way to church, double billed clients at … [Read more...]