Learning to be Thankful in All Circumstances

Being thankful is a learning process. The secret to being thankful in any circumstance is to rejoice in the Lord, always!

Learning to be thankful in all circumstances? Why do we need to learn to be thankful? Shouldn't thankfulness be as natural to us as breathing? I believe thankfulness comes from a heart that knows and loves God. I know God and I love God but I am not always thankful. How about you? This I am learning, God puts us in places tailor made just for you and just for me to teach us … [Read more...]

Why Do We Study Everything But the Bible for Bible Study?

Why do we study everything but the Bible for Bible Study? it is time to get back to the book!

  I was scrolling through Pinterest today and clicked on a post that caught my eye. The writer of the post recommended 5 books to be used as Bible Studies.  All the recommendations were books? I cannot say whether they are good or bad books. I have not read any of them. As I read through the post I began to think about this. Someone writes a book, sprinkles a few Bible … [Read more...]

Why Won’t You Let Me Comfort You With Scripture?

Do you understand that the scriptures are the only words that truly comfort? Join me over at Satisfaction through Christ as I discuss this.

  Have you ever been in a situation when a friend or family member needed comfort? You use Scripture to try and comfort them and all they do is push it away!  If the person you are comforting is an unbeliever it is understandable that they would not receive it. God tells us in His word, "The word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing." 1 Corinthians … [Read more...]

5 Words A Christian Should Never Say

Did you know there are five words a Christian should never say? If you are saying these words you are committing heresy. Join me as I talk about this important subject.

There are a lot of issues facing us as Christians today. Same-sex marriage, the transgender movement, abortion, feminism, subjection of the wife to the husband...  and so much more. I have a Biblical stance on all of these issues but my purpose in writing today is to point out 5 words a Christian should never say and why they should not say them. I have heard them tossed around … [Read more...]

How To Pray For godly Marriages

We need to learn how to pray for godly marriages. God has given us instructions in His word on how to pray. Let's seek His face and pray for godly marriage.

I remember the day he was born. 8 pounds 81/2 ounce bouncing baby boy! He was the best baby-- always smiling, always content. Today he is  a 23-year-old happy, content, smiling, adult young man, with a wife! On June 13th, Andrew and Katie celebrated their 1 year Anniversary! Where in the world does the time go? Today I am going to talk about "How to Pray for godly … [Read more...]