5 Misconceptions of a New Christian

As a new Christian, I had many notions that I have realized throughout the years were either completely false or utterly ridiculous.  Below are just a few of the major misconceptions that caused a bit of a struggle for me at one time or another. 1. Life (in general) will get easier.  Wow!  I was totally mistaken regarding this one!!!  In many ways, life goes on as usual.  … [Read more...]

CAUTION! 3 Harmful & Misleading Phrases

I'm all about a tried and true phrase--that is, a phrase that is accurate and also relevant to any given situation.  I LOVE words, phrases, puns, idioms, the whole SHEBANG (see what I did there?!?!?!)!  However, what I don't love is phrases that are misleading and people using those phrases in order to justify immoral behavior or a questionable ideology.  Maybe the phrases are … [Read more...]

7 Daily Essentials for Anyone!

7 Daily Essentials for Anyone | Satisfaction Through Christ | If you have a daily routine, it's bound to include a few essentials! We're sharing 7 Daily (but random) Essentials for Anyone! What are yours?

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the ministry of STC! Hello, there, and happy hump day! I realized recently that I rely on several must have items to bring a little more order and efficiency to my daily routine. Most of my every day must haves are very inexpensive, too! Without further ado, below is a list of seemingly innocuous items that truly … [Read more...]

Who Does The Bible Say God Is?

Who Does the Bible Say God Is? With Pantheism running rampant these days, I've become increasingly aware that God's name and character are being grossly misused and misrepresented due to a confusion of who He is.  God IS NOT the universe.  Yet, God IS the Creator of the universe.  "For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm" (Psalm 33:9).  Conversely, … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Keep From Becoming Overwhelmed

How to Keep from Being Overwhelmed   As I write this article, I am feeling overwhelmed.  How ironic that I am feeling the exact way that I want to help YOU avoid feeling.  Does my admission make you wonder whether these tips will prove efficacious?  Have you ever heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."?  Well, these tips below are my tried and true … [Read more...]