The Truth About Following Your Heart

“Follow your heart!” they say. It won't mislead you! You will find your destiny! You will find true happiness and meaning, should you but stay true to your own heart! This is the belief all of mankind has been prone to believe; that being a self-governed individual leads to freedom and happiness.   Then, sadly, things fall apart. Life goes from bad to … [Read more...]

Fig Tree Type Christians and the God Who has Mercy on Them

As I checked my kiwi vines for any sign of fruit for the third year in a row, I was very disappointed. I have mulched, fertilized, trimmed and trained these plants for many years. The vines are healthy, the leaves a rich green, a beautiful sight, indeed. Yet, there is no fruit. As I huffed and sighed and frowned at the beautiful vines, I recalled a certain fig tree … [Read more...]

10 Commandments of Motherhood

So often we get lost or overwhelmed in all the demands of being a mom. I wouldn't trade the job for the world, but sometimes a mom just needs a break! We also need good advice and guidelines when it comes to being the mom our children need. Over the years I have learned and tried to apply the principles of these "10 Commandments of Motherhood."   1. You shall … [Read more...]

Dis-appointed ~ A Look at Why We Are Disappointed

It's inevitable - life hands out disappointments. I'm disappointed that friends turn their backs. I'm disappointed that apologies don't come. I'm disappointed that help isn't offered, I'm misunderstood, not invited, overlooked, unappreciated... I'm disappointed in how I respond, my lack of patience, and my easily frustrated tendencies. I'm disappointed in my lack of … [Read more...]

Easily Offended Women

A young mom breezes into church with her immaculately dressed children in tow. Her hair is curled, her husband's shirt ironed, she's wearing heels and is fully capable of running after her children in them, is wearing the latest fashion while still being modest, she doesn't look tired and her husband seems doting and involved. I assume it's because she is a miracle woman who … [Read more...]