Arming Yourself with God’s Heavy Metal

"This world is not my home, I'm just a-passing through..." Recently, I heard my husband belt out that age old hymn over the sound of the lawn mower, his strong voice reverberating off our buildings and fading out over the neighboring hills. I smiled as I paused from my garden duties and listened. I love hearing him sing. Now, again I am reminded of these lyrics as … [Read more...]

28 Names of Jesus {PLUS Free Printable}

Recently I became fascinated with all the different names Jesus has been given throughout the Bible. I should have been writing books, folding the laundry and washing my thirty-two windows, but I just could not stop digging through literature and Bible verses. I'm so glad I let my laundry pile up, my windows become more streaked and other writing delayed. I feel richer for … [Read more...]

How to Spot Pride in a Heart

It happens to all of us: we mess up and someone offers correction. Hopefully, that correction is done with grace and gentleness. However, sometimes that isn't the case. I mean, people can get nasty. Still, whether we are given correction in a gracious manner or not, we are responsible for our own response. So we get to choose, Do we mess it up even more by taking a … [Read more...]

1 Corinthians 13 for Parents

Head down, I barreled up the church sidewalk, each foot planted a bit more firmly than normal. I had had all the meltdowns I could take for a Sunday morning, so I passed the screaming three year old to my husband and stormed off. The other two in tow, I marched through the doors with a plastered on smile where we were greeted pleasantly by everyone we saw. Comments of … [Read more...]

Verses for When You are Exhausted

I overslept a whole hour. So, in an effort to make up for lost time, I skipped breakfast and coffee, and headed out for my morning run. Half a mile later I could push no further. I was dizzy, feeling faint and wobbly-kneed. Of course I didn't have any water either, because a pit stop at the fridge to grab a bottle just took too much time, don't you know. I had let … [Read more...]