From Fear to Freedom

Walking home from a friend's house one night, I decided to cut through the university campus so I could crawl in bed at a half-decent hour. The cold on my cheeks & the wind through my sweatshirt made me walk a little faster, hoping to get warm sooner. Then it hit me. A fist to the side of my head and weight pushing me to the side of the building.  Bushes caught on my … [Read more...]

4 Truths Christians Need to Own

There is a trend in Christian circles and hearing it makes me shudder.  It is the trend of self-shaming, and is often masqueraded within the use of Scripture. Shame is bad enough but even more so when we heap it upon ourselves. We see or hear it when Christians say things like these: "I'm not worth forgiveness. I still struggle with this sin." "I'm not as godly or … [Read more...]

How to be a Blessing

The biggest vision for the Kingdom of Heaven is that we get to worship the King of Glory in the fullness of joy with other believers. We are adopted into a greater family and that's something worth rejoicing about - it's a blessing to us from the Almighty God because it is the fulfillment of His promise. Hopefully it causes our hearts to yearn for the expansion of this … [Read more...]

The Tension of Balance

When I was single I remember having this passion for discipleship and ministry in which all I wanted to do was read the Bible, gain the knowledge of the Holy, put that knowledge to action in service and help others do the same. I distinctly remember being 100% all-in. I was free from distraction in my walk with Christ and it was life-giving and utterly amazing! And then … [Read more...]