Investing in the Gospel

Investing in the Gospel

At some point we all take our last breath. On this earth, we are distracted with the cares of the world and are tempted to attain for ourselves the glory that our flesh desires. This physical death includes every person who walks the earth - those who are diligent in exercise and diet as well as those who surf the couch with a remote. Those who pride themselves on the … [Read more...]

Having Humility Enough to Say I’m Sorry

Having Humility Enough to Say I'm Sorry

Humility. It's one of those words that is both excellent and gut-wrenching! On one hand, God blesses us greatly when He humbles us. We are able to see more of His heart and our need for Him. That is so glorious and needed in our self-sufficient culture! On the other hand, it feels really terrible, doesn't it? It's not something that leaves us feeling grateful, at least … [Read more...]

Remembering the God Who Reigns

Remembering the God Who Reigns

In American culture, we often struggle to retain the perspective that God is holy and that He reigns. We're always battling for control of our lives, forgetting His sovereignty. I admit that sometimes I even forget to consider Him in decisions. It is those times that we desperately need to adjust our perspective. We must view God as He truly is, in all His glory, power … [Read more...]

All In: Commitment is Key

All In

We live in a culture where commitment isn't always necessary. Between fishing for better pay by threatening to leave a job, to men & women shacking up together without a commitment of choosing to love one another through thick and thin, the list goes on and on with examples of how noncommittal our society really is. Whoever has the most to gain is where efforts lie until … [Read more...]

Redemption: I’m Not Who I Was

Redemption: I'm Not Who I Was

While the Bible contains countless stories of amazing healing, whether it be physical or emotional, there is nothing greater than seeing souls redeemed and healed.  Seeing testimonies of people who were once walking in darkness to come into the Light by the grace of God. Redemption. To witness the evidence of the Spirit's work by bringing people from who they were - sinners … [Read more...]