Pinterest and Unrealistic Marriage Expectations

Ok, the title of my post may be a tad dramatic and you may be thinking, why is she blaming Pinterest for her marriage problems? But bear with me here. It takes a bit of explaining :) Did anyone else grow up dreaming of their wedding? What it would be like to have all eyes on them in a beautiful white dress with their dad walking them down the aisle and having your husband … [Read more...]

Loving God Beyond Our Circumstances

I was recently listening to Rolland Baker, a missionary living in Mozambique, and he gave the most thought-provoking message, It was titled “What will it take?” It led me to ask these questions... Have you ever thought about what it takes for you to love God? Have you ever thought about the reasons you really love God? Do you love Him because of your job promotion? Do you … [Read more...]

3 Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life

  Are there really keys to having a more powerful prayer life?  I think there are.  I have found that by doing the things listed below my prayer life has blossomed, I am more in tune with Holy Spirit, and my heart is more thankful. 1. Write it Down.  I cannot say enough how this revolutionized my prayer life.  My dad started writing down his prayer requests in … [Read more...]

When Ministry Takes You Outside the Church

For years I never ministered outside of the church. I was so introverted and terrified of talking to people, yet inside the church I was serving, volunteering at events and helping with kids church. That was my comfort zone.  I had no idea as to what ministering looked like outside of the church. I was always too worried I would come across like a holy roller, or someone who … [Read more...]

Fresh and Simple Guacamole

Good Morning Ladies! My name is Haylee and I will be contributing to STC with recipes, christian living, and ministry posts.  I cannot wait to get to know each one of you and hear from y'all!  Warning: I will use the word "Y'all" a lot, so I apologize in advance.  I'm way down South in Baton Rouge, LA and it is a habit that is hard to break. :) Since Cinco De … [Read more...]