Grace & Truth {Week 59}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

Did you catch our new additions to our team? We had a few G&T ladies that stepped away for the new year, but we've added some great ladies in their place!  Be sure to stop by and say hello to Dawn and Aimee this morning and give them a big Grace & Truth welcome! Grace & Truth exists to point people to Jesus! We hope this link-up will be a source of … [Read more...]

Grace & Truth {Week 58}

Q and I have been in ministry together for almost 8 years. Q's been in ministry for almost 12 years. We have experienced the highest of highs and I'm sure we'll experience the lowest of lows that ministry to has to offer. But one thing is for sure, we know that we know that we know, that the Lord has called us to minister to the body of Christ. Sometimes you might wonder … [Read more...]

Love Fostering + Grace & Truth {Week 57}

I think you all know how important foster care and adoption are to our family. We started our journey to children back in 2009 through our local foster care system. God had other plans for our family, so we weren't ever able to foster, but our hearts have always been drawn to sharing Christ's love with this broken system. And if you've been around here any length of time, you … [Read more...]

Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus + Grace & Truth {Week 56}

At the beginning of January we had a major crisis. Our oldest daughter (5) was admitted to the hospital with possible appendicitis. We were frantic. Who would watch our youngest? Who would take out the puppy we'd just gotten the day before? How would we be able to swing this on our own. We've only been in Atlanta for 8 months and while we've worked at forming friendships, it … [Read more...]

While You Wait + Grace & Truth {Week 55}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

We all find ourselves in a season of waiting from time to time. Whether it's short-term (an anticipated phone call) or long-term (praying for the salvation of a loved one), waiting is hard for even the steadiest of believers. This week my oldest is turning five and I'm using this time to reflect on the waiting that I endured before she was born. I yearned for a baby for … [Read more...]