Homosexuality Should Not Polarize the Church

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years. I am a work-at-home-mom to two precious girls that the Lord blessed us with through the gift of adoption. He is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Student Pastor at a local Southern Baptist church here in South Metro Atlanta.

We Believe

  • The Bible is inerrant and infallible.
  • Homosexuality is a sin (as is adultery, fornication, and anything else that breaks God’s law and separates us from Him).
  • That true love was displayed at the cross and that Jesus died to make sinners right with a Holy God.

We have been in student ministry together for 9 years (he has been in ministry for 12). We have loved on many, many students over the years and we have seen sexual temptation and homosexuality permeate their lives. It absolutely breaks our hearts to see them struggle through the sins that God wishes to free them from. But, we continue to love and we continue to preach Christ’s life, death, burial, and resurrection. And we continue to point them to the One that has all the answers and the One that has given us everything we need to live a godly life (1 Peter 1:3).

And we have seen the scales be lifted and we have seen students redeemed from lives of homosexuality and sexual sin. We have seen them fight sin daily and commit to live lives that are worthy of the name of Christ.

It is hard work. And it is heartbreaking. But, it is also redemptive and God honoring and so, so worth it to know that they are no longer held captive by their sin, but that they are living FULL lives in the knowledge and power of God’s holy word.

Homosexuality Should Not Polarize the Church | The Church is the Bride of Christ. We are believers in the inerrant and infallible word of God. For that reason, homosexuality cannot and will not separate the true Church of Christ. | Satisfaction Through Christ

Homosexuality Should Not Polarize the Church

So, for that reason I can’t sit back and be silent on this issue. And I don’t think that homosexuality is an issue that should polarize the church. It is an issue that is black and white. There is no grey area. Sin is sin and it must be called sin and it must be dealt with. Otherwise, we’re allowing people to be ok in their human condition and ultimately leading them to an eternity separate from God.

The Church is the Bride of Christ. We are believers in the inerrant and infallible word of God. For that reason, homosexuality cannot and will not separate the true Church of Christ.

I do believe that we can love the marginalized and oppressed and hold to scripture at the same time.
After all, God gave us the greatest gift of love the world has ever known in the person and life of Jesus!
He loved sinners and called them to repentance.
That’s it. Love sinners. Call them to repentance. Love them into the Kingdom.

I love deeply. I fight for what God calls good.

I love a man that has a far darker complexion than myself. I parent brown babies. The world tells me that my family is not the majority. But, my family structure doesn’t violate God’s word. That is the difference.

So, yes, love God. Love ALL people. Call sin, sin. Lead them to the cross and share the inerrant, infallible word of God. They deserve to know God’s truth. Anything less is not love.

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*This post was derived from a larger, more in depth conversation on Facebook.

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Christie is a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful little girls, a pastor's wife, and lover of Jesus. Her hope is that STC would be a source of encouragement for women all over the world!

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  1. Kelly L. says

    It makes me incredibly sad that you believe this. I typically don’t speak up about things like this online, but I can no longer just be a bystander as I see your posts pop up on social media. In all honesty, I could quote bible verse after bible verse that would suggest your marriage is a sin. We can see and interpret things however we believe them to be true… Of course, I do not believe your marriage is a sin. And I do not believe that being gay or acting on one’s sexual identify as being gay or transgender or anything else is a sin. I believe that God made people of all different identities with all different needs. And I feel sad that a leader in the church like yourself cannot see that. I believe that God wants inclusion and love, not discrimination and judgment. I don’t expect this post to change your mind, but I couldn’t sit back anymore.

    • says

      Kelly, I’m thankful for our Facebook friendship and that we were able to grow up in the same church and love the same people. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen each other in quite a while and haven’t interacted much, even on Facebook. But, I am appreciative that you felt comfortable enough to comment. I have already messaged you privately on Facebook, but for this public forum, I’d like to take each part of your comment and respond here for the purpose of building up others that may read and feel the same way you do.

      “I could quote bible verse after bible verse that would suggest your marriage is a sin.”
      Nowhere in the Bible does God refer to inter-racial marriage as a sin. Quite the contrary actually! God delights in inter-racial marriage as expressed in the story of Moses and his sister Miriam, and God’s response to Miriam’s disapproval of his marriage to an African women (Numbers 12). You can find an entire sermon by John Piper on that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8szGlyFNhZo
      and the transcript from the message here: http://www.desiringgod.org/messages/racial-harmony-and-interracial-marriage

      “We can see and interpret things however we believe them to be true…”
      There is only one right interpretation of scripture, and that is what God meant when He said it. There are many applications to our lives, but only ONE correct interpretation. You might ask, how do we know that our interpretation is the correct interpretation? Through the Holy Spirit and proper study of God’s word (more reading here: https://gotquestions.org/interpretations-Christian.html) So, for that reason, we cannot see and interpret things however we believe them to be true. We can do nothing without the knowledge given to us by God and in order to do that we must walk in right relationship with Him, study His word, pray for wisdom in rightly interpreting the scriptures, and allow the Lord to show us exactly what He meant by what He said. Surrounding ourselves with solid, biblical teaching and leadership is a great place to start.

      “I do not believe your marriage is a sin. And I do not believe that being gay or acting on one’s sexual identify as being gay or transgender or anything else is a sin.”
      I’m glad that you don’t believe my marriage is a sin. But, that’s not because you think it’s not a sin, but because God doesn’t think it is. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for homosexuality, transgenderism, fornication, pornography, etc. (all falling under the seventh commandment of “Do not commit adultery.”) Why? Because God says so in His word. The Bible discusses homosexuality at least 4 times and every time it refers to it as a sin (more reading here: https://carm.org/bible-homosexuality). So, the next question is, do we believe the Bible to be true? If no, then we have no basis for our discussion. If yes, then we must say ALL of it is true. We can’t hand pick what we want to believe and what we don’t want to believe for whatever reason we choose not to believe it (i.e. because I struggle with it, because I love someone who struggles with it, because I don’t believe a loving God would say that, etc.). God said it, He meant it.

      “I believe that God made people of all different identities with all different needs.”
      We are all sinners in need of a Savior. You can replace any sin for the word “homosexuality” in this post and ALL of it would still apply. Adultery, sexual immorality, greed, envy, murder, idolatry, foul language, laziness, gossiping, dishonoring parents, stealing, cheating, etc. – they all break God’s heart and separate us from Him. Do you believe these are all a sin? If no, then we have no basis for our discussion. If yes, then why are these sins, but homosexuality isn’t? Is it because the culture says it isn’t? The culture also says it’s ok to cheat on your wife. That doesn’t make it right in God’s eyes. We must call ALL sin, sin. Including sin that you struggle with, that I struggle with, that people we love struggle with. Calling it anything less doesn’t allow us to come broken before a Holy God and to be washed new and made whole through Christ. So, yes, we are all different and we all have needs, but we cannot be defined by a lifestyle that violates God’s word. You and I are different and we have different needs, but do any of those differences and needs break God’s law? If yes, then we must bring them before the cross and allow Christ to take those things away from us. The same applies to our friends and loved ones that struggle with homosexuality. The culture says it defines them. Christ says it doesn’t. Why would we want to be defined by something that violates scripture – if we say we love God and his word? We can’t!

      “And I feel sad that a leader in the church like yourself cannot see that.”
      I am not perfect and I fail daily. I am in a position of leadership within the church, but I’m still human. I have to wake up every day and take advantage of God’s new grace for me. But, as a leader in the church, I try see people the way God sees them; as sinners in need of a Savior. And I try to love them the way God would; by calling them to repentance and guiding them to the cross to be made whole by the Creator of the Universe. And the only way I can do that correctly is by rightly dividing and teaching the Word of God – ALL of it. Not what I’m comfortable learning and teaching, but all of it, because “All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) Anything less would be a disservice to people I’ve laid my life down for. Why would I want to offer them anything less than God’s best for them? I love MY people way too much to let them stay where they are. I want them to know what it’s like to NOT have to live in bondage to sin. I want them to know what fullness in Christ feels like. Why? Because someone else wanted the same for me. And they weren’t afraid to tell me that my sinfulness (sexual immorality) was not ok, but that there was HOPE in Jesus!

      “I believe that God wants inclusion and love, not discrimination and judgment.”
      Of course God wants us to love sinners. But, here’s something that most people don’t know. The Church (the body of Christ – not the building) is NOT for the world. It is for those that have placed their faith and hope in Jesus. We go OUT into the world to share the good news of Christ and we INVITE them in to hear God’s word, but we don’t ALLOW them to be ok in their sin. THAT is inclusion and love – including them and loving them to fullness in Christ. Nowhere have I discriminated against anyone here. I’ve simply said, “Come broken to the cross and be made whole. Be loved for eternity by the God that is able to change your entire life.” Christ laid down His life for this very reason. Why not offer people that hope?

      In closing, thank you again, for feeling the freedom to comment here. This has given me a great opportunity to answer questions that many others might have. But, more importantly, I would encourage you to get involved in a Bible believing and teaching church. Sit down with God’s word. Pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit as you read. Grab a few commentaries to help you understand the Bible in it’s context. Surround yourself with godly friends and people that want to learn. And continue to love the people that you come into contact with every day. The greatest gift of love you can give them is the Truth of God’s word.

  2. Nancy says

    What a great response Christie. So surprised at how many ways people interpret God’s word. People need to hear the truth.

    • says

      Excellent! You lovingly speak to such hard truths in a time when compromise is becoming so natural in the church. I am so thankful for leaders like you who have mastered the ability to balance these hard truths with grace and biblical love. God bless you, my sister! Thank you for your boldness and courage to stand on God’s unchanging word in a time when false teaching is rampant and the narrow road is so unpopular. You’re in great company with Jesus!

      • says

        Thank you for stopping by, Michele! I’m honored to serve a loving and Holy God that wants nothing but the BEST (His standard of holiness) for His people. Thanks for your encouragement. Standing for truth today is SO, so, so, so hard. But, so rewarding when eyes and hearts are opened to the truth of the Gospel (all of it)! 🙂

  3. says

    Thank you, Christie, for expounding upon the truth of God’s word in the spirit of love.
    Too many “Christians” believe in a ‘just as I am’ philosophy that is completely unbiblical. We all start from somewhere, true, but we don’t stay there. God calls us to repentance daily and for us to align our faulty beliefs with His truth.
    Thank you, again. And may God continue to fill you with His truth and the gracefulness needed in sharing it.

    • says

      Thanks, Gleniece! You are so right! There’s absolutely no way you can be impacted by the God of the universe and stay just the way you are. So thankful He flipped my worldly world upside down and gave me a life I could have never expected!

  4. Jean says

    Christie your post is awesome and true to God’s Word. Your responses are great and again backed up by God’s Word. All of our understanding needs to be understood through a heart which has the Holy Spirit who dwells within us when our heart is ‘right’ with God.

    God’s Word in the Bible – in its entirety – needs to be believed. We are not pick out bits and pieces to make them fit our own thinking to suit our own selfishness and desires of the flesh. Anything that is not of God is from the enemy/Satan, and he will do anything to attack what is true. Satan is the king of lies, his mission is to take over, kill and destroy God’s true message of love and salvation.

    God made us in HIS image. He also gave us a free will. He didn’t make us like puppets. We are all born into a broken and sinful world that needs saving from eternal death (hell). We are called to be obedient to God. God clearly states what sin is in His Word time and again. Time, seasons, cultures and methods change, but God never changes and neither does His Word. We are not to add or take away anything from His word, so we cannot take out the bits of sin that God clearly states are sin.

    TRUE repentance means we are forgiven, but it also means that we don’t want to sin again (even though we do – because we are ‘as filthy as rags’). Because we are all sinners, we need to repent daily (because we sin daily) and desire to please the Lord. He is not pleased with sin! Love the people, but hate the sin!! We are not acceptable in His sight if we have not repented and asked for His forgiveness. Yes God is loving and gracious, but God hates sin. God who loved us so incredibly much, He gave His perfect sinless son Jesus as a sacrifice to pay for all our sin but to have SALVATION, we need to RECOGNISE AND REPENT of our sin. Homosexuality, adultery (which even includes lusting/thinking about another person) is sin. We are to love the Lord God with all our heart, mind and soul. It is our attitude toward God and recognizing our own sin and knowing we need to ask for forgiveness due to disobedience that makes us TRUE Christians. Anyone can believe in God, it doesn’t mean they are saved from death. Even Satan believes in God. It is by grace alone by which we are saved, and to receive God’s grace there HAS to be repentance of sin.

  5. says

    I loved how you dealt with this subject. I once attended a event for the youth where a young adult inquired if he would go to hell for being a homosexual. While we told him it was a sin we also explained that God loves the sinner and he should repent and be set free. I do not know where this young man went but pray that he found the answers he was so looking for
    come over and visit us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

    • says

      Hi Angie! I am certainly praying the the word you shared with him impacted his heart!! Thank you for being unashamed of the gospel! Thanks for your encouragement here.

  6. Denise Hafner says

    Hey Christie! This is my first visit here! I appreciate your honest, biblically based answers to hard questions. We are all sinners from birth, that is true! Sexual sin is very vexing and affects us spiritually, mentally, and physically. Romans 1 is such a clear explanation of how God feels about homosexuality. As for interracial marriage, the book of Acts says we are all from “one blood”. Can’t see an issue with interracial marriage based on that truth! Thank you for taking a strong stand for righteousness!

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