Be a Successful Christian Woman by Rocking Ordinary

Do you long to be a successful Christian woman whose influence will have a significant positive effect on the world around you?

Don’t we all!

Are you afraid that’s a privilege reserved for a few select super-stars who’ve got it all together? That your life is too ordinary to merit a second glance or leave a lasting impression?

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Don’t be decieved!

“God uses ordinary lives in extraordinary ways if we have the courage and the faith to simply obey wherever we are.”

That quote is from the recently released book, Rocking Ordinary, by Lea Ann Garfias.

Rocking Ordinary is an honest book of practical wisdom that shows how leading an ordinary life of obedience makes you a successful Christian woman.


You can be a successful Christian woman simply by . . . Rocking Ordinary!

Lea Ann is passionate about helping ordinary women like you and me recognize our ability to make an extraordinary difference by serving God every day right where we are. Rocking Ordinary is her “how-to-make-your-life-count” manual for every Christian woman.

She does not write from a place of ease or a life untouched by brokenness or pain. She understands first-hand that God uses each one of us in spite of past or current pain. Even allowing our misshapen experiences and relationships to make us ministers of hope and healing to those around us.

Her friendly, down-t0-earth writing style will make you laugh out loud as well as reach for the kleenex box. Biblical truth, personal experience and masterful use of word pictures all combine to form an honest volume of practical wisdom that will encourage you in your quest to be a successful Christian woman whose ordinary influence will leave an extraordinary impact.


Allow me to share a few quotes that will give you a little glimpse into the heart of Lea Ann’s message:

Keep your relationship with God first priority.

“I am no better leader than I am follower of Christ.”

Actively love your husband and children.

“We cannot achieve more in God’s economy than we are willing to sacrifice in our own sacred home.”

Look to one another for encouragement, not comparison.

“We are all running different races. We aren’t competing against each other.”

Believe that you are NOT the most needy person around you.

“No calling is greater than the ministry of grace.”

Prioritize servitude.

“We don’t always understand the value of God’s work – but God always does.”


Rocking Ordinary will encourage and equip you to be the successful Christian woman God intends you to be right where you are, right now. No matter what stage of life you’re in. No matter how successful or unsuccessful you feel.

ripples across countless circles of ordinary lives to make an extraordinary difference.” Lea Ann Garfias


I do hope you’ll want to read Rocking Ordinary. The $10-11 you’ll spend is a whole lot cheaper than attending a women’s conference! There are questions for thought or discussion (get a few friends together and encourage each other) at the end of each chapter and you can absorb the information, truth, really, at your own pace.

Don’t wait . . . start rocking your ordinary today!


You can read more about Lea Ann and her family over on her blog:


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