Prayer for a Wounded Nation

Dear Heavenly Father, Creator of the earth and the sky and all that is in them,

We come to you humbly, acknowledging to You and reminding ourselves that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men.

This means all attempts of mankind to usurp Your authority will result in devastation on this earth.

Every. Single. Time.

We can see with our own eyes some of the effects of that devastation. We have rejected You and Your ways, choosing instead to lean on our own understanding to guide our path.

Nevertheless, we thank You for Your mercy toward this nation. Apart from Your lavish grace upon us, we would already be utterly destroyed.

The fact that we have not yet been abolished brings hope.

Because where there is life, there is hope. 

Prayer for a Wounded Nation

We see tragedy all around us, and we grieve.

We see people killed unjustly.

Because of religion.

Because of race.

Because of callousness toward unborn life You have created.

In a nutshell: because of evil.

Such suffering brings anguish to our hearts, Lord. We can’t even fathom what it does to Yours.

We beg You, Father in these times of rampant hatred to grant Your people a supernatural love that can only come from You.

First, we ask for a fiery love for our Savior that supersedes all lesser things. Love that transcends our comfort, our pleasure, and our self-importance.

We ask also for a devoted love for each other – our fellow believers who call on You out of a pure heart. May it be a love that sheds us of arrogance and pride, covering a multitude of sins and overlooking a host of differences that pale in light of Your sacrifice for us.

We ask for a selfless love for the unsaved people in our communities, our nation, and our world – including those who have called themselves and acted as our enemies. We beg You to emblazon on our hearts the truth that people themselves are never our enemies, but are in fact captive victims of our true Enemy and Yours, Satan himself.

Yes, Lord, give us hearts of love.

Because where there is love, there is hope.

Father, we adore you and we thank You for Your goodness toward us, Your people.

For never abandoning us, nor forsaking us.

For not leaving us orphans, but for calling us Your children, Your heirs, and Your friends.

For granting us Your Spirit as a seal and a guarantee that we are Yours.

For giving us Your Word that reveals Your character and Your heart.

For uniting our hearts with our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, that we may encourage and exhort one another, upholding and strengthening each other in these times.

We thank You for Your residence within us, reminding us of our purpose in this world – a purpose You claimed as Your own:

to serve.

Not to be served.

Or admired.

Or promoted.

Not even to be protected.

Or sheltered.

Or defended.

Help us to follow Your example, rejecting the lure of worldly pursuits, and choosing instead to pour out our lives with a singular focus on the mission You entrusted to us: making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because where there is Christ, there is hope. 

It is in His name that we pray.


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Loving child of Almighty God, adoring wife, and homeschooling mother of three, I am active in teaching and music ministries in my local church. I am passionate about encountering my Savior and about encouraging other women to do the same. It would be an honor to have you visit me at A Divine Encounter!

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  1. Moira says

    Oh Jennifer, those are such powerful, beautiful words. I’m printing them out to pray every day. Blessings, Moira

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