Do You REALLY Believe All the Scriptures?

Do You Really Believe all the Scriptures? All Scripture is God Breathed. | Satisfaction Through Christ

Do you really believe all the Scriptures?

I have been in church all my life. I remember going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night,and Wednesday night. I remember being in Sunday School and participating in many years of VBS. I even taught Sunday School and VBS. I spent 14 years of my adulthood with the same people in the same church. I always believed that “I believed” everything that is written in Scripture. I  also believed everyone that attended church believed it too. I soon learned that just because someone

  • goes to church
  • says they are a Christian
  • says they believe the word of God


The Lord brought me face to face with this reality in my own life several years ago when some doctrines in Scripture that I had never seen before were brought to my attention. This person that was trying to teach me did so with scripture in hand. He was not just pulling verses out of thin air or making up stories. He sat me down and walked with me through the word of God. After he had finished these were the words that came out of my mouth, “I do not believe that.” What I was really saying is that I do not believe all of what the Scriptures teach. My head did not know that is what I believed but my heart did. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Hard words I know it was very convicting when God showed me the attitude of my heart.

Before I move on I want to say that there is a lot of false teaching out there and we do need to study the word of God to know whether something is Scriptural or not. That is not what this post is about. This post is about flat out denying some truths that are in the Scriptures. I would like to add those  doctrinal teachings that I mentioned earlier are in fact scriptural. I have spent the last 8 years studying, reading, and praying over them.

You see, some people will look at the Scriptures read it and look at you and say, “I see that it says that but I choose not to believe it.” That was actually said to me. There are some people who “claim” to be believers that deny some of the Scriptures. If you are going to deny some of the Scriptures  you might as well deny it all.

Even as a believer our flesh will try to fight against the word of God. Paul writes in Galatians 5:17,

“For  the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please.”

James teaches in James 1:19,

 “Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.”

In the context of this verse, James is teaching us to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger concerning the word of God. In verse 18 he says, in the exercise of His will He brought us forth by the word of truth so that we would be a kind of first fruits among His creatures.” Then in verse 21 he teaches  us to put aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls.” We can see that he is urging us to  bow the knee and  submit to the word of God.

There are times that we will come across a Scripture that we have never seen before. Or we may have read a verse a million times and still not understand the meaning behind it. So what do we do? Do we say,” I choose not to believe that?” May it never be! As a believer our heart and our actions should echo these words:

“Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unserachable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who became His counselor? Or who has first given to Him that it might be paid back to Him again? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen. {Romans 11:33-36}

“By faith, I am going to believe what this verse says even though I may not understand it.”

We will never understand all that the Scriptures teach. There are some things that are left in the secret counsel of God. Guess what, I am good with that. How about you? By faith, we believe the Scriptures because they are the very words of God. How can we not?


It is so vitally important for the believer to be in the word of God renewing their minds and learning what the will of God is. That is what we are doing here at Conforming To The Truth. We are reading through 17 New Testament books. We are entering our seventh week of reading and would love for you to join in with us. I always say it is never too late to start reading Truth. May 23rd  we will start reading the book of  1 Timothy. Click on the image below to get all of the details! I am ready to send you the reading plan and add you to our Facebook group:)

17 Week Reading Plan Bible Study

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