To the One Who Feels Unworthy of a Savior this Easter

Dear soul that feels unworthy of a Savior,

I won’t sit here and tell you to feel worthy.

Sometimes that is much easier said than believed.

And in this season of pretty pastel decorations and pictures of an empty tomb, you might be feeling like you have to get your emotions in order and simply celebrate.

But can I remind you of a great truth during this season of unworthiness you’re feeling?

Are you feeling unworthy of a Savior this Easter season? You are not alone. In fact, we are unworthy. Find some hope here & begin believing that truth that Jesus kept walking toward the cross despite our unworthiness!

Let’s take a little break from life for a moment and rest in Scripture – Mark 11:8-10 to be exact.

It’s the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a colt. The Bible tells us that, “Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, ‘Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest heaven!’”

And then, the same crowd only a few chapters later in Mark 15…

It says in verses 12-14, “’What shall I do, then, with the one you call the king of the Jews?’ Pilate asked them. ‘Crucify him!’ they shouted. ‘Why? What crime has he committed?’ asked Pilate. But they shouted all the louder, ‘Crucify him!’”

A crowd that first yelled ‘Hosanna!’ and is now yelling ‘Crucify him!’

And there’s Jesus in their midst.

He kept moving slowly toward the cross through it all.

His mission didn’t end because the hearts of those He loved changed.

His purpose wasn’t thwarted because the world no longer shouted “Hosanna!”

His grace didn’t die because those around Him swayed in their love.

No. Rather, he kept moving toward the cross – slowly, thoughtfully, with purpose.

Your worth doesn’t come from the level of faith you have. And your worth doesn’t come from being perfect.

Your worth is secure because you serve a God who continued to move toward the cross even when those around Him turned their backs, raised their voices, and cheered for His death.

He loved them still. He loves you still.

Because the reality is this: Whether you have vocally and physically turned your back on Jesus, or you’ve done so in the quiet of your own heart, we have all given up on Christ. We have all chosen to believe something of the world. We have all worshipped idols and forgotten the Savior.

If you are feeling unworthy of a Savior this Easter, you are not alone.

In fact, we are unworthy of a Savior.

But Christ continues moving toward the cross, his plan for your redemption secure.

Hosanna means “save us, we pray” in the Hebrew language. What a beautiful word.

In the midst of our unworthiness, let that be the cry of your heart this Easter. “Save us, Lord Jesus, we pray!”

Are you feeling unworthy of a Savior this Easter season? You are not alone. In fact, we are unworthy. Find some hope here & begin believing that truth that Jesus kept walking toward the cross despite our unworthiness!

Save us, Lord, from the love of this world.

Save us, Lord, from worshipping ourselves.

Save us, Lord, from choosing selfishness.

Save us, Lord, from using our words to hurt others.

Save us, Lord, from anger and wrath.

Save us, Lord, from pride and arrogance.

Save us, Lord, because you are the only one worthy to do so.

Picture yourself in that crowd, one moment yelling “Hosanna!” and the next “Crucify him!” All of us are standing right there beside you.

Now, picture the Savior, choosing to push through the crowds, the anger, and the screaming, to make His way to cross. He’s dying a brutal death for the ones who turned their backs & cheered for his death.

He just kept moving slowly toward the cross. And now he’s there on your behalf and mine.

Save us, Lord, from feeling worthy by any means other than your grace & love.

Let your feelings of unworthiness die because Christ died & rose for you.

And when the church sings praises & partakes of communion – when the resurrection is celebrated and Easter is here – take part. Praise God.

In your feelings of unworthiness, He has made you worthy.


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Alison is a wife, graduate student, blogger, and Jesus-follower growing in grace and truth daily. She loves coffee in the morning, experimenting in the kitchen, camping with her husband, and reading in a hammock just about anywhere. Her mission is to encourage authentic community grounded in biblical truth. Basically, she strives for some good soul talk in the midst of the mundane.

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