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1 & 2 Peter are my favorites. Of the entire Bible, if I could hold onto just one chunk, that’d be the one I would choose. Of the many times I’ve poured over those two small but mighty books, 1 Peter 3:15 has never stood out to me and dwelt in my thoughts like it did a few weeks ago.

In the HCSB – “but honor the Messiah, as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”

In the NCV – “but respect Christ as the holy Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain about the hope you have.”

Explain Your Hope from Satisfaction Through Christ

At first I thought, well, that’s easy. I have hope in God because He is loving, kind, faithful, sovereign, forgiving. The list goes on. But Peter knew, and I’ve begun to realize, that people are going to want a more comprehensive explanation than that. They will say, “You say He is faithful. How so?” “He is kind… What does He do for you?” “God is love…? Can you actually feel it?

I don’t know about you, but I think if someone stopped me on the street and asked for those answers – I’d be a little stumped. I know the answers in my heart. But “explaining the reason for my hope,” or “defending Messiah,” well that’s pretty important! And I would want to get it right.

As I thought about 1 Peter 3:15 a little more a realization hit me like a ton of bricks.
Preparing that answer, readying that explanation is exactly what we’re doing here at Satisfaction Through Christ.

Yes, while we’ve been encouraging and building up women in God’s kingdom, we’ve typed dozens of explanations for our hope over the years. So if you are wondering how you would answer this question, and you’d like to be ready, here’s a guide to help you follow Peter’s advice!


Start with a quick list from Marie that reminds us of the characteristics of God. Reading this periodically is a great faith builder and can help you build your “hope explanation”.

Next, another quick read, Lauren gives a reference guide for Who the Bible Says God Is.

Dig Deeper

Knowing the foundation of your faith is a great first step, but when you’re ready to dig a little deeper, learning about How God Reigns is important. Holly will walk you through those scriptures so you can solidify your faith. Then take a look at the wonderful truths of the gospel and how we can celebrate God the Joy-Giver. Both of these posts will help you gather reasons “to explain the hope you have.”


You’ve worked to learn the basics of the Bible, about who God is, and the wonderful things He does for us that we can rejoice about. But if you’re ready to learn the Bible inside and out and give an answer on tough questions that non-believers and doubting believers will ask, then it’s time to bump up your study time. Michelle put together a wonderful list of online podcasts and blogs that are biblicaly sound. These are great places to start if you’re zealous to learn more about your God. (You can also check out our list of Christian Pinterest boards!)

Michelle is knowledgeable in apologetics and discipleship. She can help you learn to “explain what God does for you.” I also recommend checking out her blog for thorough study of the scriptures.

Whether you’ve been a Christian since your age was single digits or you’re a brand new follower of Christ, Peter tells us that you will have opportunities to explain why you love and serve Jesus Christ – take the time to study the Bible, use the resources here at STC if you’d like. Set your heart on knowing God’s word and being ready with His answer.

Peter tells us that the world will ask us to explain the hope that is in us. Do you have an answer that non-believers will understand? Build your faith through Bible study, apologetics and discipleship so that you can have an answer ready! From Shirley @ STC!

All the women who write here at STC are dedicated to the word of God – we know that studying scripture builds our faith. If you want to dig even deeper, get biblical thoughts on other categories or get tied in with Christian women, then feel free to explore our contributors’ blogs!

Join in the discussion – how would you answer Peter’s question?



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Shirley spends her days fulfilling her purpose of biblical homemaking and motherhood. She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages. Together they are wading into a homesteading life on a few acres in south Georgia.


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    Excellent post, Shirley! This is such a great explanation of how to move from spiritual milk to solid food. I love it! Thank you for this, already sharing!

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