Ambassadors for Christ

ambassadors for christ


2 Corinthians 5:20 reminds us that we are ambassadors for Christ.


I sat there ready to receive a blessing. Excited for the service to start. I know a few people but not knowing people in church doesn’t bother me. For some, that isn’t true.

A very kind lady asked if anyone was sitting with us because she needed the extra room for her family.  I smiled and told her that it was just fine if they sat on the same row with us.  She was also reserving the row behind us.

Then it happened.  Someone sat down and she very kindly explained her family was running late and even said she wasn’t trying to be rude, that she just wanted to sit with her family. I was in complete shock at what I heard next.  “My family sits here every week.  I don’t know what to tell you, but I think we’ll just stay right here.”
I literally shook my head in disbelief.  I don’t know if she was the visitor waiting on her family or if she was the member.  She didn’t call them by name, so I’m thinking she was the visitor.

I smiled kindly at her and told her that my husband and I would gladly move so she could enjoy the service with her family.  I rarely get to attend service with my entire family, so I know what a gift this truly is.

She smiled and thanked me.

The service was wonderful but I had to wonder if the lady will come back or if this was just the thing satan used to keep her out of church altogether. You never know how this one tiny action will linger in the heart of someone.

Seven short days later, I get a call from my daughter.  She is a waitress at a national food chain and does very well with clients. She was telling me about how rude, short and unkind someone was.  She said that when she went to pick up the check she saw the corner of a gospel tract in it.  She laughed to herself and said, “Well, I know what Church I WON’T be attending.”  She opened it up and sure enough it was from the church SHE ATTENDS.  She couldn’t believe it.



I’m telling you this to remind you that WE as Christians are Ambassadors for CHRIST!  Not for ourselves, not for our feelings, not for anything that we can or will accomplish.  ONLY FOR CHRIST.

These two instances, we didn’t represent our Heavenly Country very well.

Many people visit churches on a regular basis and walk away feeling isolated and lonely.  They feel that no one really cares because everyone has their own little groups or people were so picky that they wouldn’t even let families sit together.

When we accept Christ as our Savior, He then sends us out to represent Him.

If you are leaving information about the church you attend with someone at a restaurant or with your tip make sure you are being the best ambassador ever.

While there are hundreds of thousands of kind generous acts that surface each day, all it takes is one teeny, tiny bit of negativity to build up a wall of stone.  I know it shouldn’t be this way but the truth of the matter is that it happens and we have to work hard in this day and age to truly represent the love of Christ.

Dear Christian, Be willing to not only represent Christ, but to love like He loves, see through the eyes of compassion that He looks through and to act out of love, not selfishness.


Does your actions reflect this?

Does your attitude represent His?

Does your heart overflow with His love?

How are you representing Christ today? 


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