When More is Not Enough {Review + Giveaway}

When More is Not Enough – How to Stop Giving Your Kids What They Want and Give Them What They Need


When More is Not Enough by Amy Sullivan is an honest look at what happens when adults “gobble up what life has to offer.”  She reminds us that this iGeneration (entitlement in our youth) is our fault.  On the one hand our kids feel loved, adored and taken care of and on the other we are creating “Generation Me.”

I was thrilled when she asked me to review it as I could immediately tell that this book was going to be about impacting the lives of others and you know I’m all about Spreading Joy!

She did not disappoint!

Amy starts out with a survey.  You have to start somewhere and she makes it easy for you to take stock in what is going on.

“In our sheltered, safe, self-consumed lives, my husband and I neglected to teach our daughter about the millions of people without food. We forgot to tell her about kids at HER school without enough to eat….We focused on building and bettering our lives, we rarely spoke of the needs of others.”

Teaching our children to care about others is not difficult when they are young, but what do you do when they are older?  This book is designed to help with that. She also cautions on having and maintaining balance. Doing everything for everyone is just as dangerous as doing nothing for anyone.

Amy covers how they started and at the end of each chapter there is a “Let’s Get Practical” section which gives strategies relating to that chapter, how you can easily implement the ideas discussed, and do so right now.

Doing for Others | Satisfaction Through Christ | When More is Not Enough - How to Stop Giving Your Kids What They Want and Give Them What They Need

She discusses being generous and goes into details with awesome examples about being generous with the following things:

  1. Generous With your Skills
  2. Generous With Strangers
  3. Generous With Forgiveness
  4. Generous With Prayer
  5. Generous With Money

This book concludes with letters from the other family members and their perspective.  I love Amelia’s suggestion of “ride your bike and look around for mushrooms.” She actually gives you 50 activities you can easily do!

When More is Not Enough is a book that encourages you to step out of a life of all about me and gives practical examples of how you can easily live a life that involves others with ease.  Removing the focus of getting more, Amy reminds us how we can get more than we ever imagined just by giving and being generous.

Do you want your child to be compassionate toward others? Do you want a family that is grateful for all that they have instead of feeling entitled to more than they deserve? If so, I highly recommend this book!

I’ll be giving away 2 copies of this book (kindle version).

To be entered to win leave a comment below with one way you’ll try and be more generous this week!


You can find out more about Amy by visiting her website.

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Favorite Quotes:

  • Initially, I thought youth entitlement was a problem for the overly indulged, but when I spend time with kids of different socioeconomic backgrounds, I observe the same sense of entitlement attacking kids from all ranks of society.
  • Some people think small acts of service equal small results. I think they are wrong.
  • We left our house specifically to do something for others, and we enjoyed it.
  • Serving others started to mean actively loving those around me
  • Create intentional down time
  • Commit to create more than you consume

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