God IS

God IS

I love when people are showing thanks and gratitude for what the Lord has done for them, but sometimes they make me sad.

Hear me out before you quit reading.

They will often say “God has been so good to me” or “God has been so gracious” and I know it’s just a phrase and it is said while giving thanks, but sometimes in our weakness, trials, discouragements and troubles our hearts need to be reminded that GOD IS.  Not just has been….but IS.

God Is - 18 Characteristics of God | Satisfaction Through Christ

God IS good

God IS faithful

God IS merciful

God IS gracious

God IS just

God IS loving

God IS kind

God IS giving

God IS all knowing

God IS dependable

God IS orderly

God IS forgiving

God IS infinite

God IS Holy

God IS sovereign

God IS wise

God IS comfort

God IS our Father

God IS….

Yes He has been and always will be, but we need to (as Christians in the day and age we live in) remember that GOD IS.

Take time to celebrate what God IS today!

Encourage us by telling us — Who IS God to you? 

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Wife, mother and I am a lover of the million little things that make life BIG! I love old books, hot coffee, the laughter of children and the priceless hugs that mean more than anything. While looking through the eyes of compassion and understanding the heart that desires to have an impact, Marie encourages others to see the full potential of the everyday, ordinary resources that is right within their reach. Everyone needs to make a difference and with creative thinking and a unique look at the ordinary; she shows people all over the world just how easy it is to make a difference. Every act of joy that you do, regardless of the size, has the potential to have a limitless ripple effect. You never know where your act of joy will end up. You, the giver, are splashed with joy as you make a difference! God’s Joy is for everyone!

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    • says

      Isn’t that the Best Amy? I love that God is soooo graciously patient with us! Many times we are like a bratty child with all of our demands. Patiently He loves us and waits for us to calm down. 🙂

      thanks for the smile!


  1. Divinelystamped says

    God is everything to me but I see His provision, healing, and sustenance more clearly today since I’m in need for those things in Him.

    • says

      Thanks John for stopping by today. I know a lot of people (Christian and non Christian alike) that grumble and complain a lot because that is human nature…. dissatisfaction is something that everyone at some point deals with. God is very real regardless of who believes it or not.


  2. says

    Thank you, Marie! Found you through StumbleUpon and could not be more happy for having been blessed to discover your poignant and precious ‘sharings’! GOD Bless!!! Curtis

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