5 Psalms for 2015

Bible Verses from the Psalms to Memorize in 2015

5 Psalms for 2015 from Satisfaction Through Christ


I set big goals when it comes to my Bible reading and especially memorizing. And nearly every time I set out to be intentional about God’s word – I fail. I get discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed and I wonder, “what is wrong with me? Why can’t I be as faithful to God as so and so?

It’s a vicious cycle; one that God doesn’t want me in. This year, I’m swallowing my pride and setting a different goal. I’d like to read large chucks of the Bible. I’d like to memorize several passages. But those things are NOT my set-in-stone goals.

Instead, I chose just five of my favorite Psalms. I intend to read each of these a few times a week and hopefully- hopefully memorize them! If you’d like to join me, you can check out my 5 psalms for 2015 below!

Why Psalms? I can’t really say. I don’t really have a specific or clear reason. But I’ve felt very drawn to the Psalms lately. Like it’s all I want to read type drawn. So I’m thinking maybe God has something(s) to tell me through this? I sure hope so!

Praying you all have a wonderful 2015 – and most importantly find Satisfaction in Christ Jesus!

Psalm 18 verse 28 | Satisfaction Through Christ

Psalm 18 : 28


Psalm 19 verse 7 | Satisfaction Through Christ

Psalm 19 : 7


Psalm 18 verse 46 | Satisfaction Through Christ

Psalm 18 : 46


Psalm 145 verse 18 | Satisfaction Through Christ

Psalm 145 : 18


Psalm 61 verse 5 | Satisfaction Through Christ

Psalm 61 : 5


I love how the Psalms are so to the point! Our God is good to us. Our God is all-powerful. We should marvel at our God. We can have confidence in our God. Reading each of these just makes me want to shout, “AMEN!”

Do you have a favorite Psalm? Will you share it with me?!



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  1. Myriam says

    My favorite of all my favorites is Psalm 27. As Matthew Henry commented on it so well, this Psalm “Is, I. The courage and holy bravery of David’s faith, Ps. 27:1-3. II. The complacency he took in communion with God and the benefit he experienced by it, Ps. 27:4-6. III. His desire towards God, and his favour and grace, Ps. 27:7-9, 11, 12. IV. His expectations from God, and the encouragement he gives to others to hope in him, Ps. 27:10, 13, 14. Let our hearts be thus affected in singing this psalm.” I love God’s promises and so far He has been True and Faithful in my life. Thank you for your encouragement to keep reading and memorizing scriptures.


    • says

      Myriam, thank you for your comment. And for sharing that bit of MH’s commentary. I love that so many of the Psalms can give us insight into our own hearts during different stages of our faith walks!

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