Worship is Never Wasted

Your Worship is Never Wasted


You know how the story of Mary and Martha goes, right?  Martha is in the kitchen getting everything ready for Jesus. She is serving away and here Mary is “wasting” her perfume, pouring it out on Jesus’ feet.

This is how Martha would sound in todays time “Uh, Dad, it’s not fair! I’m doing all of the work and Mary is just sitting there wasting her oil when the more useful thing for her to do would be to help me because I am doing everything!”

Growing up, I don’t know how many times I have said that or thought that to myself about my sister (who is my best friend now). But, that is the mindset we have. We see ourselves as doing the “right” thing and if no one is helping us, or if no one has the same idea as us and offers to help, we are freaking out! Isn’t it funny how Jesus’ thoughts and words are ALWAYS so opposite of the fleshly desires and emotions?

When Mary poured out her oil and decided to worship and commune with Jesus, instead of preparing the meal for Jesus, Martha saw that as Mary being unproductive.

It says in Luke 10:40, “Martha was distracted with much serving.”

It’s interesting that, although Martha had good intentions and thought she was doing the more important/valuable duties, Jesus said she was distracted with much serving. Martha was so worried about making everything perfect, that she missed the fact that Jesus, our Lord, was in her house and all Mary wanted to do was worship Him and pour out all that she had at His feet. What a beautiful picture! Jesus wants our relationship, not our works.  Yes, works are great, but works come out of an abundance of communion with our Savior. If all you are doing is serving and making yourself a busy body, but have no actual intimacy with our Father, then you are missing out on an amazing relationship.

Sometimes, when I have my quiet time in the morning, I feel guilty like I should be getting to work early or using that time to do stuff around the house. But God clearly spoke to me while I was reading that story and said, “Your worship is never wasted.” WOW. I felt so much love and peace in that moment. Of course, work matters, and your kids take up your time, but ABOVE ALL, God just wants us to be alone with Him. He wants us to rest in Him and learn who He is as a Father because He is a good, good Father.

Spending your first moments in the morning lifting up your hands and praising His name is 100 times more fruitful than sweeping the kitchen floor. And the funny thing is, no matter how little or how long I spend with Him in the mornings, He always allows time for me to get things done throughout the day. There has NEVER been a day where I said, “Dang, why did I worship for an hour today?! That was so worthless.”

He is so good, He is so sovereign, and He is so faithful.

I just want to encourage you tomorrow morning, when you first wake up, start thanking God for who He is, play worship music and just enjoy being His daughter.

Your worship will not be wasted.

Psalm 59:16
Psalm 59:16

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  1. Andrea Morgan says

    Awesome post!! It really inspired me. I was just feeling like I need to do more but in reality, I need to slow down and focus on making more time for God.

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