5 Tips to Bring Joy Back into Christmas

5 Tips to Bring Joy Back into Christmas

Movies, songs, and the culture around us often give us the impression that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.  People are busy with Christmas concerts, Christmas parties, and preparing for the Christmas season. They look forward to spending time with loved ones and enjoying the festivities.

But for some people it can be hard to see the Joy in Christmas.

Honestly, that is me.

Yes, Christmas is an amazing time of the year because we celebrate the birth of Christ, but there is another side.

Christmas brings an additional stress to our life.

I spent last Christmas Eve at our local children’s hospital with a croupy Lilly. We spent a quiet morning opening presents, but as night approached it became obvious that we had to take Lilly back to the ER and I spent another night with the emergency room staff.

No Christmas dinner. No spending time with loved ones.

I wish I could say that this is the only Christmas that this has happened, but it’s not. For the last five years Lilly has been sick most of December. December is right in the middle of cold and flu season which causes issues in our household.

Today I am sharing;

My 5 Tips To BRing Joy Back Into Christmas

Christmas Planner

When I first heard of a Christmas planner I wondered why people needed one. Now, thanks to A Typical English Home’s Free Printable’s, I have one. In my planner I have everything from where to buy presents to our meal plans for the holidays. This way I can share my to do list with helpers.

Christmas Eve In A Box

I saw this neat idea on Facebook. In a box you put PJ’s, hot cocoa, snacks and a movie. On Christmas Eve you open the present and have a fun night as a family. This year I am planning on putting our regular PJ’s in a box, two movies (one has to be A White Christmas) and some special snacks that I am picking up; a frugal way to spend Christmas Eve!

A Homemade Christmas

I like to call it a “Country Christmas” since we make the majority of our Christmas presents. It’s easier for me to buy supplies ahead of time and keep them on hand instead of trying to buy 20 gifts. In the past I have done Tins Filled With Goodies, Cookies In A Jar, Snow Man Hot Cocoa Mix, and this year my own essential oil cream sets. I get the children to make paintings, and Christmas tree ornaments.

Limit Christmas Presents

Our children will be getting one major present (or two small presents) and a few stocking stuffers.  We get them things throughout the year and they don’t really need any new toys. We also limit presents for ourselves.

A Jesus Birthday Cake

On Christmas Day, we switch up dessert and have a birthday cake for Jesus! It’s a fun way to bring the focus back to Jesus and keep it fun.

I hope these tips help bring Joy back into your Christmas.

On another note, 2015 brings a change to my contribution with Satisfaction Through Christ. I’m stepping down from being a regular contributor and becoming a guest blogger, but will be taking on more of a role in the Satisfaction Through Christ Facebook Group as an admin. I hope to see you over there!

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    hi, what a great reminder at such a hectic and consumer-filled time of year. i am going to pass some of your ideas on to our family…kudos and happy holidays!

  2. jolenephilo says

    These are such good suggestions to focus our hearts and minds on the heart of Christmas, which is the heart of Christ. Thanks for posting this link at DifferentDream.com’s Tuesday special needs link share!

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    Such a wonderful post ! Thank you for linking at Bloggers Brags . I have pinned to Bloggers Brags Pinterest board. We would love to see you today at the party.

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