It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change – Review and Giveaway

It Will Be Okay

Growing up brings changes (starting school, a new sibling, a new expectation).  Changes can trigger fears that are sometimes real and sometimes imagined.  As adults, it is our job to help children learn that, in the midst of change, they don’t have to be afraid.  As Christians, we also have a duty to help children to remember that God is a good God, even when life does not feel good.  Both of these lessons were hard to teach until now.  It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change was written to help children learn both of these lessons. 

In It Will Be Okay, God is represented as a farmer who has plans for a little seed.  Little Seed has a strong relationship with God.  Through a series of circumstances, Little Seed, who loves his safety in the farmer’s shed, becomes friends with a fox who doesn’t know the farmer.  One day, both Little Seed and Little Fox must face a change that causes them great fear.  The farmer sends Little Seed to a dark and cold place.  Little Fox wants to help Little Seed, but can’t.  Little Seed must learn how to trust the farmer, even when he cannot see the farmer or understand how his current circumstances are good for him.  While Little Seed is learning to trust the farmer, Little Fox is developing his own relationship with the farmer.  In the end, they both learn it will all be okay.

My summary of It Will be Okay does not do the story justice.  There are so many things to love about this book that I encourage you to just purchase one for yourself.  I can tell you this book will touch the heart of both children and adults.  While it has an obvious storyline of trusting God in the midst of change, adults are likely to pick up on several hidden storylines including: adversity can lead to growth and stronger faith; our relationship with God can lead others to God; when God is working on someone, sometimes there is nothing we can do to help; and God will provide.


While reading It Will Be Okay, children will…

  • Learn that God has good plans for them
  • Learn God is always with them even when they cannot see Him
  • Learn God works all things out for their good
  • Learn to replace doubtful thoughts about God’s plan as they learn to trust Him through change
  • Build their relationship with God by introducing them to the scripturally based characteristics of who God is.

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  1. Jill H. says

    This book sounds wonderful, would love to share with my granddaughter who has had to face a lot of hardships for only being three.

  2. Amanda Baker says

    I found this page from another blog and I’m really glad that I did!! This book looks amazing! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!!

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