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Have you ever gone to a school, a workplace, or an event that required you to wear attire that adhered to a strict dress code? Some starchy, rule packed list of “do’s and don’ts” with impossible to follow demands? It’s so frustrating! Maybe one in a hundred items in a department store would fit the kind of dress code I’m imagining – and that one item belongs in decades past. When it comes to clothes -something that is part of every single moment of our lives- nothing can quite make a person fiercely rebel like a private school dress code. What’s my point?

Really let it sink in what it must be like to try shop for a stricter-than-strict dress code.

And then hear this.

For me, walking into a department store and seeing ads, billboards, mannequins, etc, telling me that I have to stuff my body into cleaning rags, step onto shoes that are little more than leopard print stilts and then parade to the next shop to do it again – is that SAME feeling of frustration, and yes anger, that a private school dress code can cause. Yes, I do feel the need to rebel against what the world wants me to wear!

Why? Because my taste, my style, starts with modesty (and comfort!) and if the majority of the clothes available in the modern marketplace are worthless coverings – you better believe I’m going to find another option. Which I did. Several actually. Remember a few weeks ago, when I posted our new Modesty Resource Page? (along with some fetching fall modest outfit ideas!)

Modesty Quote from Christian Blog for Women

One of the shops I shared with you, as a source of modest clothes, was Kosher Casual. I chose to include them because their clothes appeared to fit my two requirements for my wardrobe – modest & comfortable. Another thing I like when I was browsing their site was the versatility of their clothes. Most of their pieces could be the base item of a modern outfit or more traditional outfit, which means nearly everyone on the modesty spectrum could find something that fit their “personal code.”

Kosher Casual is one of the few shops I could say that about. They must be a rarity!

I was overjoyed when they offered to send me an item to try out for myself. This was important to me because I wanted to see if they were a shop I would continue to recommend to all of you! So, here are my thoughts and some pictures!

Kosher Casual: A Review from Satisfaction Through Christ | Searching for modest clothing can be frustrating. Modest outfits begin with modest clothes and they're hard to find. Hear my thoughts on Kosher Casual as an option for the Christian women's wardrobe!

skirt fit perfectly (I followed their measuring chart!)
skirt is unimaginably comfortable (I mean really, really, comfortable)
skirt settles at about “tea length” – a favorite of mine
skirt can adapt to dressy looks or casual looks (one of my favorite things about Kosher Casual!)

clothes are made and shipped from Israel, so shipping times could be slowed down, -however- I received my skirt way faster than I expected
price – this depends on your budget of course, but certainly KC’s clothes aren’t as inexpensive as some of the items I’ve scored on clearance racks over the years, but Kosher Casual’s quality-make is obvious when you receive a piece of clothing
limited variety. Kosher Casual doesn’t have a lot of frills, prints, wild colors, that sort of thing, but I liked that so many of their items could be wardrobe staples, adaptable to dozens of modest outfits. And of course, their items will appeal to my friends who are a little farther along the modesty spectrum

Okay, remember what I said earlier about the whole infuriating dress code thingy? I chose those words very purposefully because I want to remind you of this- Don’t feel like choosing modesty for your life has to be a rule book to follow. It doesn’t. Modest and comfortable outfits and clothes can be beautiful, they can be fun, they can keep up with trends (well, most of them), they can be “all your style.” And God’s at the same time. I really want to encourage you to take time to slowly and carefully pray over modesty in your life. Make sure you’re listening as much as you’re praying and let God direct you in this.

If you are excited to learn about Kosher Casual you might like to see a little more modest inspiration on our Polyvore page! We’ve used a handful of Kosher Casual pieces to design some sweet outfits!

You never know who is frustrated in their search for modesty – consider sharing this post or pinning it. You never know who might be blessed by the modesty resources we’re discovering!



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    Thank you so much for the review! I’ve been really getting into being more modest in my dress, and though I don’t really have any money right now, I want to have an idea in mind of where I can buy beautiful and high quality pieces for my warddrobe 🙂 I love the skirt.

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      Same for me Stefanie. I definitely think I’ll purchase a few skirts or shirts from them whenever “clothing” makes it’s way back into my budget! 🙂

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