Follow Their Example

Follow the Example of the Heroes of the Bible

Faith is not an aimless act | Satisfaction Through Christ


I’m always amazed at just how awesome the love of God is. 

When we stop focusing on our past mistakes, failures and current fears, and turn our eyes towards the Lord, we’ll see just how amazing HE is. 

The Creator of the Universe, the ONE the wind and waves OBEY… will come to our rescue.

Choose to trust Him when the raging seas have you trembling.

Choose to trust Him when the day is gorgeous and your heart is at great peace.

Choose to be faithful. 

Be like Abraham and simply Go

Be like Joshua and fight for the Lord

Be like Joseph and do what is right…..regardless

Be like Daniel, praying as always so that even when you face the den of hungry lions, you’ll have peace that passes all understanding

Be like Esther and boldly take your needs before the One that loves and adores you

Be like Elijah and remember that as long as God is on your side, YOU are the majority

Be like Noah and be faithful…no matter how long it takes

Be like Peter and just get out of the boat

Be like David realizing that when you are facing giants, that God has already equipped you to win

Be like Nathan and courageously deliver the word of God

Be like Job and wait on the Lord

Be like Barnabas and encourage others in Christ

Be like John the Baptist and proclaim the name of the Lord

Be like Paul and Silas and praise the Lord with singing no matter where you end up

Be as much like Jesus as possible so that one day you’ll hear the Father say….. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Keep your eyes on Heaven and Follow Him


Who is your favorite person from the Bible and Why?

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