Old Window Pane Turned Antique Mirror

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Turn an old window pane into a piece of art with this DIY Window Pane Mirror tutorial!

Do you ever look at all of the amazing DIY post on Pinterest and think, oh I can do that?! I do that all the time.  I’ve had this old window pane for over a year, my husband stole it…I mean got it out of someones trash pile at a house being gutted. So, finders keepers right?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, but then I saw this Pottery Barn Window Mirror and figured I could turn the old window into something like that. I was definitely not spending $228 on a mirror!

:::So here is what I did:::

Old Window Pane Turned Antique Mirror

What you will need

An old window


Paint $6-10

Mirror Spray Paint from Hobby Lobby ($11.99 but I used a 40% coupon that you can get off of the internet by googling, Hobby Lobby Coupon)

Old Window DIY into Mirror | Satisfaction Through Christ

Start by cleaning off the old window, mine still had cobwebs on it and lots of dirt, so give it a good rinse and scrub.

how to prepare an old window for a do it yourself makeover project | Satisfaction Through Christ

Once its dry, start sanding off the old paint to get it ready for the new color you are putting on it.

Once the window is cleaned to your desire tape up the windows so whatever color you paint it doesn’t get on the glass.

do it yourself old window pane into decorative antiqued mirror | Satisfaction Through Christ

I didn’t want to leave the white paint on the window but I didn’t feel like scraping anymore, soooo yeah, I left a little bit on there. It adds character right?

I chose to paint the window a metallic champagne gold color, from Rust-oleum, I used spray paint so it would less mess, faster, and easier.

spray painting an old window to create a decorative mirror | Satisfaction Through Christ

After 4 coats of spray paint. You can barely see the white paint I left on it, woohooooo!

Then, after it dries turn the window over and begin spraying on the mirror.

glass look spray paint for old window DIY project | Satisfaction Through Christ

It took me about 5-6 coats of the Mirror spray to get the desired look I was trying to achieve.

new distressed mirror from an old window pane do it yourself project | Satisfaction Through Christ

I started this project in the garage, and quickly realized it wasn’t ventilated enough, so I had to take it to our back patio so I could breathe again. And I was scared if I turned my car on our house would blow up from the fumes haha.

The finished product! (it doesn’t photograph well)

Finished DIY antique window mirror | Satisfaction Through Christ


It is definitely not perfect looking, but in person it looks very antique. And using the spray on mirror paint is WAY easier than getting mirror panes and reattaching them to the window. I did this project in about 3-4 hours. The hardest part was taping the window panes! Everything else was fairly labor free, really just entails a bunch of spraying. I’ll probably sand down the gold and make it look more antique. Also, I have no idea where to put the mirror that’s why it’s on the floor :)

Has anyone ever done this before? If so, let me know how yours turned out!

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